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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Want the bad news or the BAD news ?

It seems that my back up hard drive has malfunctioned sometime today & I appear to have lost the best part of 1TB (!!)  of music. This formed the bulk of my collection, plus contributions for the blog (from Rodd & Pauli for example), future posts as well as loads of family photos, college stuff & more.

To say that I am fuming & devastated is something of an understatement ...

To make maters worse, I am currently severely restricted in my ability to up / download due to Virgin having been cut off (The Mrs Phone Bill to blame) & therefore having to resort to Plan B (the T mobile dongle) yet again, with its accompanying shite data allowance.

There'll be no posts for a few days now I reckon as I take stock & see what I can sort out.

I'm desperately trying to sort out the HDD but I don't hold out much hope.

UPDATE : Turns out there are 3 bugs or viruses on various sectors of the drive (??) though the data was recoverable. YES !!! Bought a new drive so I'll be able to transfer all the file sover & breath again !!!


  1. Stay cool Skamanc,
    Bad news realy but just be patient and take your time,your HD will soon be full again.

  2. Thanks mate. Its going to be checked by the local PC wizard / dvd pirate this weekend - he's hopeful but I ain't !!

  3. Ouch, thats nasty. Good luck recovering your data.

  4. Cheers Tony. I s'pose there's always a chance. I'm a car electrician but I can see that there's power going in & an output signal. Have checked the leads & used spare ones but still nothing... Should be asleep for a 5.30 start but am updating an old ipod I was given... Need Virgin back on asap to re-download all the stuff I've blogged (that's not died) over the last 14 months....

  5. Keep the faith Skamanc

  6. Thanks lads. Its all ended ok as Fat Pu#aul has managed to recover the data though I'll have to bin the hard drive. Got a replacement so I'll be back in business by the weekend. There's a couple of things drafted on the blog dshboard so I can use these for now...

  7. Really sorry mate, just got in to read this, what a disaster,glad your pc guru came up trumps, keep the faith

  8. fuckin bad news sorry mein freund.
    good luck and keep the faith

  9. Hi Skamanc Had this happen to me once like a death in the family. But I never gave up hope and found software to recover the drive contents. All is well now and I wish that for you too

  10. Thanks again to all. I reckon there's a lesson to be learned here... I was meaning to back up the HDD for months & never got around to doing so. Now, I've got 2x new 1TB drives - one to store the files and one to back this up. My Dad is a very good amateur photographer - he has back ups of his back ups & a precision filing system.... Son unlike Father I regret to say lol

  11. Oh yeah - I'm just backing up itunes as well - lesson definitely learned !!! Losing my ipod's contents would be a major ordeal !!!