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Manchester M22, September 2016

For my kids, Dylan & Tommy. Bollocks to the ex Mrs!

Special thanks to Steve White (software), Gordon Waring (music), Shaun Robinson (artwork), Paul Buddery (DVD's / software) & Sonchey Barrett (essential technical advice!).

"Thank you" also to regular contributors Herr Pauli (Malente, Germany), Phil (Shetland), Deco Mc Dermott & Mark Pengelly of Dublin, Martin Smith (Barnet), Paul Baily (London) and Rodd (Australia).

Monday, 31 January 2011

BUZZCOCKS : The Roxy, 2/4/77

Not a very polished performance, but an important piece of history. The genius that is Howard Devoto had just left to form Magazine (Loads of posts on soon) & this marked the beginning of their transition into an excellent band (playing & writing wise) as well as very successful in chart terms.

Anyway its gone 1AM & I've just finished a cracking post to kick off February in style : 76 recording of The Pistols, Clash & Buzzcocks as well as loads more quality sounds to follow, including several Magazine gigs. So, I'm off to feather as Mrs SM is working a night & I've kids to bath, feed, dress & get to school. Wish I'd kept me jeans on.... 

Sunday, 30 January 2011

THE B52s : Heatwave Festival, Canada, 23/8/80

Phil makes another contribution to the ongoing Heatwave posts : here's The B52's set from the 1980 Canadian festival. The usual big "thanks" to him for this & all his other recent help.

17/2/11 : New sharecode pasted in (also available in comments) upon request.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

THE FACES : Definitive Rock Collection (2x CD set)

Decent collection of Faces material, highlighting the post - Small Faces careers of Kenney Jones, Ronnie Lane & Ian McLagan. It says something for Steve Marriott's presence that it took Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood to replace him...Excellent band in their own right so get downloading.

Top track & performance... sums The Faces up for me...

01. Wicked Messenger
02. Shake, Shudder
03. Around The Plynth
04. Flying
05. Pineapple And The Monkey
06. Three Button Hand Me Down
07. Bad 'N' Ruin
08. Sweet Lady Mary
09. Had Me A Real Good Time
10. (I Know) I'm Losing You
11. Maybe I'm Amazed
12. Miss Judy's Farm
13. You're So Rude
14. Love Lives Here
15. Last Orders Please

01. Stay With Me
02. Debris
03. Memphis, Tennessee
04. Too Bad
05. Silicone Grown
06. Cindy Incidentally
07. My Fault
08. Glad And Sorry
09. Borstal Boys
10. Just Another Honky
11. Ooh La La
12. Jodie
13. Pool Hall Richard
14. You Can Make Me Dance, Sing or Anything
15. Open To Ideas

THE SMALL FACES : Decca Anthology

Pretty exhaustative round up of the Faces' Decca material. Some absolute classics included here...



SHEER CLASS... Tin Soldier with PP Arnold...


Great collection of Faces material from the BBC archives, with some brief interview segments. Absolutely essential...

THE SMALL FACES : From The Beginning

STEVE MARRIOTT Memorial Concert : London Astoria 2001

Audio rip from the Concert DVD.


More from Marriott's latter years. Decent tracklisting, including classics from his own back catalogue, plus tracks originally by Bo Diddley, Eddie Boyd, Little Walter & Bobby Parker. The man had great musical taste... Dedicated to our mate Herr Pauli.

Plus here's a period interview with Steve...

STEVE MARRIOTT : Studio Sessions & Live 1987 - 88

Marriott double bill this afternoon - more stuff that I've been meaning to post for a while. I must thank out top contributor, Herr Pauli yet again for sending me this stuff on disc. As you know, Marriott was / is one of my great heroes. This highlights the twilight of his career, although he was still prolific in recording & gigging terms. His great voice and sense of humour never deserted him. He remains sadly missed by many.

Live 1987

Studio 1987 - 88

THE FALL : London, 15/9/79

Here's a great Live Fall performance that I've had for a while & can't work out why it hasn't been posted before. Anyway, better late than never...

Friday, 28 January 2011

TRAFFIC : John Barleycorn Live (1973)

For blogmeister Liam_Ska & the late Anthony Wheeler
(an old schoolmate & Traffic fan)
Thanks to Herr Pauli for very kindly sharing this with us all.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

THE SMALL FACES : Ogden's Nut Gone Flake remastered (1968)

Remastered reissue of the Small Faces 1968 "concept" album. Some great tunes on here amongst some whimsical stuff, as parts have not dated too well. Saying that, the quality of the Marriott - Lane songwriting & Marriott's vocals will live forever... A marvellous outfit, with respect due to Ian "Mac" MacLagan and Kenney Jones also.

Dedicated to the late Steve Marriott and Ronnie "Plonk" Lane.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Just passing on the following e-mail :

Check out this promo clip that helps explain what the whole program is all about -


New updated promo clip for The Reggae 69 Fan Club Kickstarter Campaign, featuring music from the Irie Beats band. Release new music and help foster the sounds of 69 from today's modern bands. It's simple. We want to release new 45's of vintage style Ska and reggae. We're all collectors and DJ's. We appreciate the feel of the vinyl in our hands. There are many bands today that are carrying on that tradition and we'd like to help em keep the flame alive. You're support will make a statement for working class fans and the music we all love. We need your help though. Instead of pre-ordering and waiting forever to get things - not having any idea if and when it was going to happen we're taking a different approach. We've decided to use a platform called Kickstarter that offers security, reliability and transparency of where your money if going. If we don't reach our funding goal of $3000 or more by Tuesday February 15 NOTHING happens - you don't lose your money and we don't get any funds to start our new record club. BUT if you do pledge your money to the campaign and funding goes through then you get exclusives and bonus releases! Go here to pledge & see all the great exclusives!


We've also started a Facebook page and a PHOTO CONTEST!


IT'S SIMPLE: Upload your best photo representative of what the music, the fashion and the style of Reggae 69 means to you. Be it you in your best boots and braces or your sharkskin suit. Maybe it's you and your scooter or your stack of vinyl. Any photo that represents life, style, lifestyle and the working class sounds of a young Jamaica. Once you get it uploaded share it with your friends and whoever gets the most LIKES by Tuesday February 14th will win a free set of records from the Reggae 69 Fan Club! So share your passion with your friends and you could win FREE goodies. So there you go. We're really working hard to bring you some great music but we can only do it with your help by pledging some cash to help us get the funds to press the new records. It's really REGGAE FOR THE PEOPLE! READ MORE HERE




DON'T LET THE HOPE CLOSE DOWN : Repost / New Sharecode

Thanks to Mark (Corby Punk) for sending me a sharecode for an alternative recording / file of the Hope LP. Mark admits this might be "a little clicky in places" but no worries...

As stated in the first post, our main point of interest here is a mega rare studio version of "Hush" by The Prisoners - a great addition to the collection. Prior to the CD issue of  Rare & Unissued this was the only official source of the track, with 2nd hand prices pegged accordingly. Download, enjoy & please leave a word or two of thanks for TC...

THE PRETENDERS : Heatwave Festival, Canada, 23/8/80

Continuing the recent Heatwave theme, here's The Pretenders' set from the same festival. A Big "thank you" to Phil for sending this in...

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS : Chicago Riviera, 3/12/77

In MP3 format rather than the FLAC referred to on the sleeve...

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Blog Top 10 Downloads

Now that I'm back using Rapidshare semi - regularly, I've got an idea of download traffic numbers again. The current Top 10 downloads from  the blog are as follows :
(1) Portishead : Third
(2) Brian Wislon : Smile
(3) Beck : Odelay
(4) Something Else By The Kinks
(5) The Harder They Come
(6) The Cure : Seventeen Seconds
(7) King Blues : Save This World
(8) Paul Weller : Illumination
(9) Teenage Fanclub & Jad Fair
(10) Dr Feelgood : Stupidity

Monday, 24 January 2011

TALKING HEADS : Heatwave Festival, Canada, 23/8/80

Having mentioned this in the message box, I asked a mate to dig this out for me. Thanks to Dave...continuing from the recent Costello Heatwave post, here's a great set by Talking Heads.H

Sunday, 23 January 2011

A Letter From Neil Young :

Letter to Supporters from Neil

Sun, 23 Jan 2011

Hello everyone, Neil Young here.

Having received so many fabulous cards and letters over the last few weeks, with lovely messages of support and good will.

I wanted to say a big thank-you to all for such kindness.

Reading the cards and letters has given me a great boost of moral, just when I needed it the most, and I appreciated all of them very much.

I am sure I will be reading them again in the weeks ahead.

Playing for Manchester City was a very proud period for me, that gave me some of the best days of my life.

Although they are only memories now, they are still great memories to me, and I know from all the support and well wishes received, they are great memories to so many people around the world too.

Neil Young

Thank-you again to all and good bye for now.

(Thanks to http://www.mcfcsc.com/ - the Official Supporters' Club Site).

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS : Hollywood High, June 4th 1978

Another quality sounding North American Bootleg. This was recorded on June 4th 1978 at the Auditorium, Hollywod High School. The gig has been part - booted before (plus 3 tracks were officially released in 1979 as a 7" EP), though here is the entire 20 track gig.

For Pete..

ELVIS COSTELLO + THE ATTRACTIONS : Heatwave Festival, Toronto, 23/8/80

Excellent quality (soundboard) boot from 1980. great tracklist & the Atractions are playing out of their skin. This has been in the car CD player for months - about time I shared it out...

For Cheryl Parker (North Carolina).

JOE JACKSON : Hammersmith Palais, 27/10/80

More Jackson Band today - Hammersmith Palais, October 1980.
New Sharecode inserted 23/1/11.