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Thursday, 17 March 2011

THE DELMONAS : Sir George Robey, 11/2/87

Thanks to Jonny for sending the MediaFire sharecode for this. I have backed this up onto Rapidshite just in case one of 'em gets taken down. You never know...



More Medway & related always needed...


  1. Enjoy everyone!, i've about another 10 or so tapes to go through in the next few months.... coming up Daggermen, James Taylor Quartet, Prime Movers, Prisoners, Auntie Vegetable, Ascoyne D'Ascoynes, Johnny & The Bandits, Mighty Caesars....

    Any medway records people wanna hear? ...

  2. Excellent, another wealth of Medway material to plunder!

    Nice one Jonny - and Manc for bringing it all together.

  3. The more the merrier Jonny mate ! Live boots particularly welcome plus any other hard to locate stuff...

  4. You tell me what stuff you've found hard to locate & i'll see what i can sort out.... 25+yrs of collecting billy childish & medway stuff means i've not missed much.

  5. I've a load of Prisoners left to post gradually, plus 3x prime Movers. Not much else here I'm sad to say... I'd love to buld up my Medway collection a bit more & share stuff with the blog too.

    Do you have a list of stuff you've got m8 ??

  6. Dude it would take me a day to write a list of what i've got :) ... pretty much everything by every band

  7. I know that feeling mate lol !! Just pulled out half a dozen or so Milkshakes & Daggermen files. Just drafting these up now... Nothing too rare though - just studio stuff.

    Anything you've got is welcome Jonny mate...

  8. love to hear early JTQ live tapes and any unreleased (if there is any?) - with original line up.

    also Primemovers live around time or 2nd lp Earth Church.

    Bring it on! cheers for such a great blog skamanc

  9. Thanks V much Anon. Its great running a blog when so much great material just falls into your lap. I've more Prisoners & Prime Movers to go on soon, plus some Daggermen & Milkshakes just at the draft stage tonight. Anything else medway related is always welcome so let's just see what rolls in next...

  10. Love too see a complete posting of Arc. I've asked before and understand the reasons why not. Until then I will keep asking-- great blog...

  11. http://rapidshare.com/files/353947724/Prime_Movers_ARC.rar

    Try this - be quick though !!

  12. Cheers for this. And all of the rest of course.


  13. what era daggermen ?....taylor smith and howard ?