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Manchester M22, September 2016

For my kids, Dylan & Tommy. Bollocks to the ex Mrs!

Special thanks to Steve White (software), Gordon Waring (music), Shaun Robinson (artwork), Paul Buddery (DVD's / software) & Sonchey Barrett (essential technical advice!).

"Thank you" also to regular contributors Herr Pauli (Malente, Germany), Phil (Shetland), Deco Mc Dermott & Mark Pengelly of Dublin, Martin Smith (Barnet), Paul Baily (London) and Rodd (Australia).

Thursday, 30 December 2010

THE KINKS : Fillmore West 29/11/69

Last post for 2010, plus its my Birthday today so here's an absolute cracker - The Kinks live @ the Fillmore West in November 1969. Ray Davies is a bona fide genius & his repertoire over the years speaks for itself. Download this gem & enjoy.

For all my regular visitors & contributors, plus Kinks fan Cockney Steve.



Here's a little bonus - a version of "Days" - one of Davis' best songs for me...

Friday, 24 December 2010

THE PRISONERS : Fabrik, Hamburg, August 4th 1994.

A repost (upon request) with slightly tweaked sharecodes. (All working @ time of post though I find Megaupload works best). This excellent Hamburg show was recorded at the Fabrik, August 4th 1994 (on the Reunion Tour). MAXIMUM thanks & respect to T.C. for originally sharing this with us all...
above - The Prisoners' Graham Day

Just like to take this opportunity to wish all blog visitors & contributors a very Happy Christmas & a Happy New Year. Special mentions to Martin, Pauli, TC, Phil plus all those listed at the top. A further dedication goes out to all the men & women of the British Armed Forces around the world. (Special greetings to mate & neighbour Cpl Norbury of the Lancs Anti Tank Platoon, currently in Cyprus awaiting deployment to Afghanistan).

Got a great tape, cd or pc file sitting around ? Why not send it in to the blog & share it with like minded people ? Look forward to hearing from you.... See you in 2011

Sunday, 19 December 2010

THE PRISONERS : Cricketers, Kennington, 9/5/85

Thanks again to TC !!
This is what blogging is all about - when you receive 25 year old gems like this! For Prisoners fans everywhere & a Merry Chrsitmas / Happy New Year to all blog visitors & contributors.

Set List : Be On Your Way; Coming Home; Deceiving Eye; Explosion On Uranus; F.O.P; Hide and Seek; Hurricane; Hush; I Am The Fisherman; Intro (End of the night & Stairway To Heaven spoof intro); Joe 90; Maybe I Was Wrong; Melanie; Night Of The Nazgul; Nobody Wants Your Love; Reaching My Head; Roadrunner; Tell Her; The Drowning; Thinking Of You (Broken Pieces) & Whenever I'm Gone.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

THE DAGGERMEN : Cricketers, Kennington, 9/5/85

Huge "THANKS" to T.C. for this & the forthcoming Prisoners set from the same date / venue. May 9th 1985 saw The Daggermen & The Prisoners play the Cricketers Pub by Kennington Oval Cricket ground, London SE11. I saw Wilko Johnson there several times during my working days in The Smoke...
Set List : Bad Boy; Can't Live A Day Without You; Circles; Get Ready; I Wish You Were Mine; Losing My Loving; No Reason; One More Letter; Rollin' Over; Rumble; Shakin' All Over; You Can Tell Me Lies & You Were Meant To Be.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

THE PRISONERS : TV Clips, Live Footage & More...Part 3

In a typically unimaginative move I'm posting a third instalment of some youtube footage of the Prisoners & related this afternoon. Absolutely essential stuff... For TC, Dougal & Nicola.

Here is the rare  Prisoners version of "Pigeon Toed Orange Peel" (from the club scene in Clint Eastwood's 1968 movie "Cogan's Bluff". The audio (courtesy of long standing blog friend Dougal, can be found elsewhere on the blog)...

Next is the studio version of "Revenge of the Cybermen". No photo montage here, but I've included it as another movie tie -in. Remember in the original "Get Carter" ? The music in the dance hall scene sounds suspiciously like this...

Back to the presentnow with Graham Day & the Gaolers. This version of "Be On Your Way" was taped @ Le Cirk, Dublin, 8/5/10.

"I'm Alive" by the Prime Movers, featuring Day & Crockford (1989). Enjoy...

Monday, 13 December 2010


Yeah, I've finally pulled me finger out & done the raffle draw...
2x entrants wanted to remain anonymous (it's not the feckin lottery...), but the less modest winners out there are :

Steve Preece (Signed Specials Book)

Mike Dawson (Madness DVD set)

Peter Hickey (Rare Suggs Cassingle - remeber them ?)

Plus the three following runners up - please e-mail me for a list of CD & DVD bootlegs & I'll do you one of your choice (or a data disc with loads on - your choice)...

Kevin Lui (Lancs) ; Stephen Emmerson (Derbys) & Jason Flanagan (Leics).

Congrats to the above plus thanks to all entrants - every penny of the £38 went to Help for Heroes. Prizes will be shipped very soon & please can the runners up e-mail me asap.

Madness : De Montfort Hal, Leicester, 4/12/10

Many thanks to Luke Skawalker for this recent Madness gig, De Montfort Hall,  December 4th.
Normal service will hopefully be resumed soon - Mrs SM has been delayed in Malawi & I am puling out what is left of me barnet being home alone with the kids.... HELP !!

Friday, 10 December 2010

THE CHAMELEONS : Gallery, Manchester.

The usual "THANKS!" to Phil Morris.
I never managed to see them @ the Gallery (now demolished), though I saw The Truth amongst others there over the years...

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

THE FUZZTONES : Leiden (Netherlands) 3/5/85

For Martin & Nicola...

Apologies for the ongoing inactivity...
Currently in the library as no broadband access
at all at home....

Sunday, 5 December 2010

THE CHAMELEONS VOX : KEXP Studios, Seattle, 21/9/10.

Courtesy of PHIL - recent Chameleons Vox Radio Session from the States.
Chameleons Vox, Bolton, 8/5/10
Have a look through youtube - loads more clips available, including KEXP footage... This track always meant a great deal to me...Now here's the original version :

Thanks for all the messages of support recently - I'm trying to get back on an even keel though just so busy being on my own with the kids. I'll be sorting the raffle out also - sadly I sold so few tickets that I donated the lot to the Charity rather than buying in a load of prizes. A list of winners will be posted asap.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Up Yours Taggart !

For Hammers "Cockney" Steve White & Ian Appleton...

FREE Festive Advent Calendar for every blog visitor...

Signing off now for a few days with this :

Normal Service To Be Resumed Shortly

There will be no posts for a few days due to a family bereavement.

JULIE DRISCOLL, BRIAN AUGER and THE TRINITY : Piper Club, Rome, 5/6/68 + BBC Sessions.

Here's a file that I've been meaning to post for a long while... fantastic stuff, with live tracks from the Piper Club (as part of the Rome Jazz Festival), plus some rare BBC session tracks as a bonus. Do a blog search... more Driscoll / Auger plus Pink Floyd & The Byrds also from the Piper Club....

Live : 1. If You Live (aka Your Time Will Come) 2. Season of the Witch 3. This Wheel's On Fire 4. Save Me

BBC: 5. Old Jim Crow 6. Road To Cairo 7. I'm Not Talking 8. Lonesome Hobo 9. Shadows of You
10. This Wheel's On Fire 11. Why (Am I Treated So Bad) ?

For SK of Sussex...

Monday, 29 November 2010

RIP Leslie Nielsen

Just heard that Leslie Nielsen passed away yesterday aged 84. I used to love watching him play the hapless Frank Drebin in Police Squad with my Dad back in the say. RIP Leslie.

THE BALLET ON ICE, Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur, 9/12/67

A bit of a departure for the blog, but here is a classic game of football (or, at least, the five goals scored within the game). As you all know I'm a City fan for my sins & this is a classic line up. Within a five year period (1965-70) City won the 2nd Division , 1st division, FA Cup, Charity Shield & Cup Winners Cup. Plus we always seemed to stuff the twats from Old Trafford (a football ground near Manchester). This was all done with a basic nucleus of homegrown players, eg. The Cup Winners Cup Final Squad involved 11 English men plus a Scotsman (Arthur Mann RIP). Nationality is not important - look at how City & Spurs play on this clip - team players to a man despite the number of Internationals out there - Jennings, Mullery, Greaves, Lee, Bell, Summerbee etc. Plus can you see the serial cheating puffs today playing on a frozen ground like that with snow continuing to fall....?? Not a fuckin chance. I am not slagging foreign players but when will City ever win a trophy again with 11 Englishmen ? Or Celtic do it (like 1967) with eleven Scots players ? NEVER.

We've all heard of Bell, Lee, Summerbee etc but this is dedicated to Neil Young (watch his cannonball left foot shots on here, PLUS he won us the '69 FA Cup) - a true blue & top feller.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

THE CHAMELEONS : Strange Times (1986)

Includes the free - bonus album (as per cover), which includes covers of Bowie's "John I'm Only Dancing" and The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows".

Saturday, 27 November 2010

THE PRISONERS : TV Clips, Live Footage & More...Part 2

More footage featuring the late, much lamented Prisoners...

First is a great version of "Melanie" from 1985...

"Hush" live...

Video for the JTQ's version of the "Blow Up" movie theme...

"Good Things" by the Prime Movers... James Taylor replaced Fay Day
on this gig - virtually a Prisoners reunion !!

For ALL Prisoners fans everywhere...

More clips soon.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

THE WHO : Rarities 1966 - 1972 Vol's 1 + 2

                                                    Grosse "Danke" fur Herr Pauli !!

Decent, long deleted collection of Who rarites from 1966 - 72. Includes the alt version of "Circles" / "Instant Party", plus John Entwistle B sides, the "Ready Steady Who" EP & loads more. Great little addition to the collection... 

For "The Ox" & "Moon The Loon".

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

THE PRISONERS : TV clips, live footage & more Part 1

It will not come as a surprise to regular visitors to the blog that I retain an obsession with Medway's finest... The Prisoners. Over a quarter of a century now since I first saw 'em (supporting The Ramones, Manchester Apollo). Nonchalant young music snob that I was... left the Apollo after they'd finished their support set...

Been meaning to have a look through the clips I've saved on "my favourites" on youtube" & surpise, surprise, there was quite a lot of Prisoners stuff.

Dedicated to fellow Prisoner fans T.C, Nicola (Italy) & Dougal (Liverpool)

Includes a great version of "Reaching My Head" from The Tube, 1984, as released
on the "Four on Four EP". Prisoners segment approx 6mins in...

Live TV footage, 1985. Live favourite and album track. (Actually titled "Explosion
On Uranus")

Cover of the Joe 90 TV theme. Had to include this for novelty value. Got this in
the car on a Prisoners CD & the kids won't let me play anything else just now...

Rare live footage of "Melanie", France (Rennes ??), December 1983.

More Prisoners, Prime Movers, Solarflares, Graham Day & The Gaolers +++ clips on the way soon... Wish I'd thought of the clip post before !!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

PETER GREEN'S FLEETWOOD MAC : Roundhouse 24/4/70

Peter Green / Fleetwood Mac gig from the Roundhouse, April 24th 1970.

For Martin - thanks for all the recent help !

Monday, 22 November 2010

THE FALL : Dragnet (1979)

Second long player from The Fall... 'kin brilliant. I was in Prestwich yesterday & drove past the maverick genius that isMark E Smith...

MILES DAVIS : Filles de Kilimanjaro (1968)

Sunday, 21 November 2010

THE CLASH : Bonds Casino NYC June 1981

Thanks to Martin for this Clash 2-parter, one of the 17 matinee & night shows they played due to ticket over subscriptions / sell outs and problems with the NY Fire Department...

 File in 2 parts...

MILES DAVIS : Miles In The Sky (1968)

A landmark in Davis' output - the first to feature Electric Guitar & electric piano...
One of my faves & highly recommended.

Anyway, got to be up @ 5.45 so I'm off to feather. Nite all

Saturday, 20 November 2010

THE CARPETTES : The Best Of...

For Martin & Jimmy - thanks for your ongoing help lads !
Best Of compilation courtesy of Martin...

Check out their great website, including some rare downloads :

Also check out a clip from the Old Grey Whistle Test (1980)

Friday, 19 November 2010

November Raffle - Reposted...

Just reposting this in an effort to boost sales a bit...

Well, it's that time of the month again... when by tradition Mrs Skamanc ignores the Virgin telephone Bill, so the Broadband (which I pay her for) is cut off again.

This, in turn, severely curtails the amount & quality of Broadband I receive (Plan B = a Tmobile dongle, that is, frankly, shite), and, as a result, limits my up and downloading capabilities. I go to the public library when possible, but : (a) Its closed at 4am on a Sunday morning, which, by sods law, is usually the time I enter a marathon spell of working & (b) A lot of uploading sites are forbidden by their server.

Without wishing to moan, even the Broadband payment is difficult, as I'm self-financing my Tech College Auto Electrics Course via E-bay sales (easier said than done), and I've reeived no benefits since July due to a wrangle over the Mrs' part-time earnings. (She's a test pilot in a broomstick factory lol).
As a result, I'm planning a fund raising raffle for the forthcoming month - the raffle will run through November & prizes distributed early December.

"Tickets" will be £1 each, and prizes will include a selection of music books, CDs and bootleg DVD's (I have a huge collection of 2Tone / related stuff etc).

Anyone interested can send a pound via the Paypal "donate" button (located just above the Visitors Web Counter) - please include your name & address details in case you win. As stated, I'll ship prizes out early December, and will post a full list of lucky winners. Anyone wishing to remain private / anonymous should let me know with their contact information.

As always, anything raised over the required running costs will be donated to the "Help For Heroes" charity in the UK, which assists disabled / injured current & ex service personnel.

Thanks & good luck...

BAD MANNERS : Rare Live Clips (youtube)

I received a very interesting e-mail this afternoon - I have pasted it below... Many thanks to Steve for getting in touch with these links...

Hey love the blog, I was once for many years the drummer for bad manners, I have a ton of live footage, never heard or seen before.

I have been posting some of it to youtube, it’s great quality. Thought I would share some with you. Also I have a site


Here is a great recording with myself, but it features Winston Bazoomies the original harp player and Rico Rodriguez on trombone. This is 1993 in Stockton - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lniQp5HQVoE








http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoPiOmiEkn4 This is the day Busters Dad Died before the gig at the Coach House







Cheers, Steve.
Steve DiFranco

Thursday, 18 November 2010

THE VAPORS : Live Guildford 1981 (BBC Rock Hour)

Here's a great archive find by Martin - The Vapors recorded live in Guildford, 1981 (possibly supporting The Jam) for the BBC Rock Hour Show. In fact, they were co-managed for a while by Bruce Foxton & John Weller...

Best remembered now for their hit "Turning Japanese" but have a listen & enjoy this blast from the past...