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Manchester M22, September 2016

For my kids, Dylan & Tommy. Bollocks to the ex Mrs!

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Friday, 30 April 2010

THE REDSKINS - Neither Washington Nor Moscow

A great album that I've been meaning to post for a while... "The Redkins' "Neither Washington Nor Moscow (But International Socialism)". Issued in 1983, this overtly political band predated the Red Wedge movement, Weller & Bragg...

Coming next... The Slits & The Adverts...

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers

A real gem this drizzly Friday night - the debut LP by The Modern Lovers with the great Jonathan Richman. This is a remaster featuring several bonus cuts, including an alternate version of the excellent "Roadrunner".More Richman to follow...
Click here...

Thursday, 29 April 2010

UK SUBS : Peel Sessions & Live @ The Roxy 1977

Couple of UK Subs files this evening... First up is a Peel Sessions compilation, followed by a live recording (The Roxy, 1977).

The Redskins & The Modern Lovers to follow soon....

Please keep the comments & e-mails coming.


KILLING JOKE : John Peel / BBC Sessions 1979 - 81

Does exactly what it says on the sleeve...here's the influential Killing Joke. Dedicated to Fitz & the Kenyon..

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

MADNESS : Hammersmith (1980) & Hamburg (1981)

More early Madness gigs as promised. Tonight we have Hammersmith (23/12/80) and Hamburg (29/12/81).

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Suggs' Desert Island Discs (Radio Show)

Recording of the famous Radio Show "Desert Island Discs" featuring Suggs, with his personal choice of music.

More great material to folllow soon...
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Interesting collection of Bad Manners Demo recordings this afternoon... Enjoy & leave a comment...
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Monday, 26 April 2010

Fuck the BNP

  This evening saw a party Political Broadcast broadcast on British TV, on behalf of the BNP. (British National Party).
  (For the benefit of overseas' visitors to the blog, this is an insiduous political organisation that preaches racial hatred & intolerance).
  I realise that the UK / Great Britain is a democracy and that all groups and citizens enjoy the right to freedom of speech. This is largely due today to the unilateral stance that the UK took over the rise of Nazi Germany - my own Grandfather volunteered for the British Army in 1939 as he was a committed socialist and abhorred facism. In some ways, it is good that the BNP can broadcast its racist bullshit, as it shows them up for what they are and allows their members to inadvertently ridicule themselves.
  However, they already have a seat on the Greater London Assembly, and also in the European parliament.

  May 6th will see Local and General Elections in the UK - I urge everyone to use their vote and not fall into the trap of apathy... "I can't be arsed to vote..." ; "What's the point ?" etc - this is how fascist scum like the BNP gradually gain power and influence.

  It may surprise people to learn that ordinary people died in Victorian Britain over the struggle to be granted the right to Vote, and that women did not enjoy this right until the 1920s.

  Use your vote and keep this evil organisation where it belongs - in the wilderness.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

X RAY SPEX - Germ Free Adolescents & Live @ CBGB's (1978)

Two great files from the unique X Ray Spex - first up is their album "Germ Free Adolescents", followed by a live set, recorded at CBGB's, New York, 28/3/78. Marvellous stuff...
Germ Free

MADNESS : The Paradiso, Amsterdam, 2/2/80.

More early Madness, this time from the Paradiso, Amsterdam, 2/2/80.
As usual, click on  the flag...

MADNESS : Stateside Rooms, Bournemouth, 16/12/79

More Madness this morning - the first of a handful of early(ish) gigs that have been preserved by the efforts of unknown bootleggers. We kick off this Sabbath with a recording from the Stateside Rooms, Bournemouth, from the 16th of December 1979.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

MADNESS : THE MIS Live Tape (1980 - 1985)

A real gem here, tucked away on the old hard drive and dusted down just this afternoon while I was tidying up some folders & files. Originally issued on cassette (hence the title) with a great tracklisting - 27 live recordings between 1980 & 85.

Rediscovered a lot of other classics as well, so I'll be posting them soon.

Don't forget that I'm always after new / rare / interesting material to post - please give me a shout if you've anything you'd like me to post on the blog.

Click on the flags below to download (that means YOU Ally !!)

Side 1
Side 2

Thursday, 22 April 2010

BAD MANNERS : Anti Nuclear Festival, Holland, 1981.

A brief post tonight, courtesy again of Luke Skawalker. This was recorded at an Anti Nuclear Festival in Holland during 1981. Should anyone have more information on this festival then please mail Luke directly - lukeskawalker@hotmail.fr

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

BAD MANNERS, Villeurbanne (France) 25/10/88

1988 Villeurbanne (near Lyon) gig captured by French FM Radio, from the tour following the success of that year's album "Eat The Beat" released by French Indie label Squale. Other cities played included Paris & Nantes.

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, France 21/12/00

Again, thanks to Luke Skawalker for his latest contributions to the blog : this & the Bad Manners set to follow. Feel free to give me a shout if you have a file, cd, tape or LP you'd like to share...

This was recorded in Sannois, France in December 2000 and was only the TSPO's second gig on French soil. Excellent (soundboard) quality.

FUNBOY THREE : Live Paris 1983 (radio broadcast).

Many thanks to Luke for this material, originally broadcast on radio, so excellent sound quality.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Jerry Dammers - Jools Holland TV Show

Opportune timing - the phone went @ 10 tonight... a mate was letting me know that The General was about to appear on Later With Jools Holland. The longer show is being shown this Friday (23/4/10) at 11.50 on BBC2 & will include a Dammers interview. For now, here's a re-post of the "Cosmic Engineering" compilation...

Cosmic Engineering

Two Tone Kings & Queens - A Tribute : Part 10

This evening we conclude Luke Skawalker's fantastic 10 part tribute Series. Luke is very keen for feedback on his marathon endeavour, so why not mail him directly at lukeskawalker@hotmail.fr
He's also planning a possible part 11 ahould there be any crucial omissions from the tracklistings of Parts 1-10. Again, please let him know directly should this be the case - I can't spot any though !!

DEAD KENNEDYS : Never Been On MTV (Live USA 1984)

More Kennedys this blustery though bright Tuesday afternoon... Class material here - great tracklisting including several of my personal favourites. More Kennedys scheduled soon plus Biafra solo stuff... watch this space...

DEAD KENNEDYS : A Skateboard Party (Stuttgart & Munich 1982)

Soundboard quality boot made up from two gigs in Germany (1982) : Stuttgart (September 13th) & Munich (Sept 15th). Marvellous stuff - more Kennedys to follow soon...

Monday, 19 April 2010

DEAD KENNEDYS : 1978 Demo's

Back to the Kennedy's this chilly Manchester night and what a post - a collection of demo's recorded back in 1978. Variable sound quality, though on the whole pretty good & certainly listenable. Collectable stuff for the fan, with many favourites surfacuing for the 1st time, including California Uber Alles, Forward To Death, The Man With The Dogs, Holiday in Cambodia, Kill The Poor & Rawhide. All the elements are already there, though East Bay Ray's genius hybrid punk - surf guitar style & Jello's manic vocals would be more evident on later releases. Download immediately & enjoy, though not before leaving a comment...
For Fitz & The Kenyon...

THE JAM : Non Stop Dancing (Early Demos)

This is the last Weller / Jam related item I received this morning & it does exactly what it says on the back cover... Interesting item & another great item to add to your Jam / Weller collection.
For Ally, Stacks & Dougal... the dorty feckers !

THE JAM : Spil Op (Danish TV) 23/4/82

Another gem from a data DVD received today... this is the life !!
Here's The Jam recorded live by Danish TV in April 1982...decent sound & tracklisting makes for a great addition to any collection. More Jam rarities to follow so long as I receive more comments from different people !! (Many thanks to the "regulars" who continue to comment & to "message" me...)