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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

ULTRAVOX : Unreleased Tracks (1976 - 1979)

This may be the last post for a while as I'm fuckin' skint & can't skive off work or dare to be late any more...

Ultravox - Unsung Songs - Unreleased 1976-79

(Re-)starting a Dave Sez Foxx-era Ultravox megapost, there are a number of early Ultravox tracks that have so far not been formally released :

"TV Orphans"
"I Won't Play Your Game"
"I Came Back Here To Meet You"

- from 1976 RockPop German TV, originally packaged with two tracks from OGWT '78, and so wrongly called "OGWT".

Originally posted by Eddie Duquenne here: http://wwwadnauseam.blogspot.com, wrongly titled "OGWT".

Covers here: http://www.bootlegzone.com/album.php?name=RHCD472335§ion=338


"Radio Beach"

- from 1979.03.03,04,08 - 3 dates of the 1979 US tour - Boston, Buffalo, Detroit

Radio Beach tracks (and almost all Ultravox!) preserved and re-served (not reserved) from the generous posts of garychching of the late great asfm (always searching for music).blogspot.com. Full versions of each gig available from the archive upon polite request in the comments to this post.


Bonus: .flv files of the Ultravox 1976.00.00 RockPop German TV tracks thanks to CoZzMiX (track 1, lower quality) and Elektrapunk1 (tracks 3-7, colour).



Remember to check the comments to all my posts for additions and re-ups ... and maybe to say thanks? Cheers for now, Dave Sez.


  1. Cheers, thanks, and good luck!

  2. all the best my friend.thanx for your german words.


  3. I have arrived on treasure island , brilliant stuff Dave, love the vox early sound with foxx,but also liked the ure era as well, got enough music to listen to now.

  4. Than.k you. I hope that you post the full gigs

  5. A Great Post,I Hope Not The Last Skamanc.
    Thank You.

  6. Encouraged by the appreciation above, I have checked the links in my previous Ultravox! mega-post; most seem to have survived the megaupload massacre, but I wouldn't wait too long in going to get these - most are the only source on the web for the recording. Please thank the original posters without whom you wouldn't have this. This post is dedicated to garychching at the great late Always Searching For Music blog - ta mate! Gary gives useful quality marks on the 1979 tour gigs he has provided; for those less aware of early Ultravox, Tiger Lily (the band's first incarnation during the glam period of 1975) is essential, as are the Stockholm '77, Marquee '78, Boston 79.03.02 and Philadelphia '79 gigs, all originally well-mixed radio broadcasts.
    I have omitted the 1977.08.27 Reading Festival which, whilst historic, is too bad quality to enjoy. Here ya go:

    PART ONE 1975-77

    Band: Tiger Lily Label: Gull Year: 1975
    1. Ain't Misbehavin
    2. Monkey Jive
    Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl
    Thanks to garychching.
    The rarest and earliest of all Ultravox bootlegs: RockPop 1976. Thanks to Eddie Doo-Ken, we can enjoy a fledgling Ultravox's live performance in Germany in late 1976 - their oldest recorded gig! And what's more, hold ya hats, it features no less than three tracks (I came back here to meet you, TV Orphan and I won't play your game) which are unreleased. To say that this is a gift from the gods is an understatement, particularly as the source was a German TV broadcast and the sound quality is excellent. So go and say a huge big thanks to Eddie at the link below:
    Peel session 1977.11.21
    01 My Sex
    02 Artificial Life
    03 Young Savage
    04 The Man Who Dies Every Day
    Thanks to garychching.
    1977.09.19 - Stockholm, Sweden
    (Soundboard mp3 @ 320; this is a better version than asfm's or than eggcity's)
    01 - I want to be a machine
    02 - Slip away
    03 - Frozen ones
    04 - Distant smile
    05 - Young savage
    06 - My sex
    07 - Artificial life
    08 - Wide boys / Saturday night (in the city of the dead)
    09 - The wild, the beautiful and the damned
    10 - Rockwrok
    11 - Fear in the western world
    Thanks to eddievh at:
    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  7. PART TWO 1978

    78.11.08 Kant Kino Berlin, audience recording
    1 Intro
    2 The Man Who Dies Everyday
    3 Slip Away
    4 Some Of Them
    5 Slow Motion
    6 Hiroshima Mon Amour
    7 Artificial Life
    8 The Wild, The Beautiful ,and the Damned
    9 Just For A Moment
    10 Quiet Men
    11 I Can't Stay Long
    12 Young Savage
    13 Someone Else's Clothes
    14 Blue Light
    15 Rockwrok
    16 My Sex
    Running Time 66.58

    Go say big thanks to Qualitybootz and get it here:
    78.12.26 Marquee - min-min gives us the only source for the full version of an essential Ultravox recording - the Boxing Day '78 gig at the Marquee '78 gig - as part of a vinyl rip of a
    triple LP bootleg from Japan called Echoes of Pleasure (which also includes the Ure-era Odeon Hammersmith 1980.12.13), whose Marquee '78 track-listing is :
    A1: The Man Who Dies Everyday
    A2: Slip Away
    A3: Some Of Them
    A4: Slow Motion
    A5: Hiroshima Mon Amour
    B1: Artificial Life
    B2: Just For A Moment
    B3: Quiet Men
    B4: I Can't Stay Long
    B5: Liquid
    C1: Walk Away
    C2: Young Savage
    C3: Someone Elses Clothes
    C4: Blue Light
    C5: ROckwrok
    Get it whilst it's crispy here, thanks to min-min:

    A shorter and lower-quality version of the Marquee '78 gig, known as the "Slow Motion 78" bootleg, mp3 @ 192, a lower-quality version of the classic Stockholm gig and an alternative version of the Peel session are kindly offered by the great Sharity here: http://www.eggcityradio.com/?p=74.
    garychching also kindly gave us an excellent 'Ultravox!' fanzine called 'Ultravox Past, Present and Future' from the classic magazine 'In The City'. The fanzine includes lyrics from their earlier music, interviews and also a short story written by John Foxx.

    1979.00.00 Live At The Marquee 1979 (exact date unknown)
    This gig coincided with the release of 'Systems of Romance' and has a mixture of classics but as one would
    expect predominately includes tracks from their last album.
    1. The Man Who Dies Every Day
    2. Slow Motion
    3. Slipaway
    4. Hiroshima Mon Amour
    5. Maximum Acceleration
    6. Quiet Men
    7. Artificial Life
    8. Just For A Moment
    9. I Can't Stay Long
    10. Young Savage
    11. My Sex
    12. Some Of Them
    Thanks to Alyn and garychching.

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

    1. Chelsea supporter13 July 2012 at 22:01

      According to "London Live" which lists all Marquee gigs from April 1962 to 31 December 1979 Ultravox played there 19 times between 25 February 1977 and 26 December 1978. Is it possible that this is one of the gigs from August '78 when they played 4 days in a row leading up to the Reading Festival?

      Thanks anyway, looking forward to listening to these shows.


    1979.02.23 Hot Club Philadelphia FM broadcast WIOQ (lossless WAV)
    01 - The Man Who Dies Every Day
    02 - Slipaway
    03 - Slow Motion
    04 - Hiroshima Mon Amour
    05 - Artificial Life
    06 - Just For A Moment
    07 - He's A Liquid
    08 - Quiet Men
    09 - I Can't Stay Long
    10 - Someone Else's Clothes
    11 - Blue Light
    12 - My Sex
    Thanks to Randy and the great qualitybootz at:
    79.03.02 Paradise Theatre, Boston FM
    FM radio show (London Wavelength Concert Hour); very good quality.
    1. Intro
    2. Slow Motion
    3. Hiroshima Mon Amour
    4. Touch And Go
    5. Artificial Life
    6. Just For A Moment
    7. He's A Liquid
    8. Quiet Men
    9. Blue Light
    10. RockWrok
    11. My Sex
    12. Outro
    Thanks to garychching.
    1979.03.03 Paradise Theatre, Boston

    The second night at the Paradise Theatre in Boston. Not the same quality as the previous radio recording but
    contains the first airing and recording of the song "Radio Beach" (which I don't think is available on any studio
    recording - anyone?). This version is a little ramshackle but if you do like it, there's a better version below.
    1. The Man Who Dies Everyday
    2. Slipaway
    3. Slow Motion
    4. Hiroshima Mon Amour
    5. Touch And Go
    6. Artificial Life
    7. Just For A Moment
    8. He's A Liquid
    9. Quiet Men
    10. Radio Beach
    11. I Can't Stay Long
    12. Someone Else's Clothes
    13. Blue Light
    14. RockWrock
    15. My Sex
    Will be re-upped on request. Thanks to garychching.
    79.03.04 Stage One, Buffalo

    You get to hear "Radio Beach" again but this time a much better recording.
    1. The Man Who Dies Everyday
    2. Slipaway
    3. Slow Motion
    4. Hiroshima Mon Amour
    5. Touch And Go
    6. Artificial Life
    7. Just For A Moment
    8. He's A Liquid
    9. Quiet Men
    10. Radio Beach
    11. I Can't Stay Long
    12. Someone Else's Clothes
    13. Blue Light
    14. RockWrock
    15. My Sex
    http://www.mediafire.com/?hzwxogwemtm (track 1 re-post)
    http://www.mediafire.com/?2jzwj32ddt3 (tracks 2-15)
    Thanks to garychching.
    1979.03.08 Detroit Michigan + KROQ Interview 16/03/79

    Again the Ultravox Spring 1979 American tour, including a radio interview with the band. Not one of the best
    recordings but it's definitely listenable. The interview starts very quiet (even the DJ says so), so stick with it.
    1. The Man Who Died Every Day
    2. Slipaway
    3. Slow Motion
    4. Hiroshima Mon Amour
    5. Touch and Go
    6. Artificial Life
    7. Just For A Moment
    8. He's A Liquid
    9. Quiet Men
    10. Radio Beach
    11. I Can't Stay Long
    12. Someone Else's Clothes
    13. Rockwrock
    14. My Sex
    15. Interview
    Part 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?oyew1twzwfy
    Part 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?iwcyjyzz1zm
    Track 8 re-post: http://www.mediafire.com/?jmwzwjye2tt
    Thanks to John Headland and garychching.
    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  9. PART FOUR - Foxx solo

    John Foxx BBC Sessions - sound quality is 'A'. This is a bootleg which unfortunately tells us diddly squat about the dates, what session - but it wasn't Peel:
    http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/johnpeel/artists/j/. Quirks ends abruptly but it also did on the live Ultravox 7in, and I think that this version is the same as that single. Mp3 audio source: silver cd (bootleg), covers created by whoever did the bootleg.
    01 Hiroshima Mon Amour
    02 Shadow Of Your Smile
    03 Twilight's Last Gleaming
    04 Morning Glory
    05 In Mysterious Ways
    06 Hanging In the Air
    07 Music From Video Game
    08 Quirks (Abrupt Ending)

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

    1. Chelsea supporter13 July 2012 at 21:54

      According to "In Session Tonight" John Foxx only did one Radio 1 session and that was for Janice Long on 20 June 1985 and none of the tracks are on this! So who knows where this originates from!

      Thanks anyway.

    2. Many thanks, Chelsea supporter, for the info - a real mystery, eh? Cheers, Dave Sez.

    3. Me again, and Chelsea supporters question got me to searching my hard discs again. Apologies to louissyfer for not mentioning it in the post above, but this Foxx BBC sessions came from him, as do three other Foxx rarities - check'em out here:


      And lieutenant030 commented on the original Foxx BBC post:

      The first 3 tracks are from the UK BBC Saturday Live radio programme from December 1983 (as marked on my cassette recorded at the time) and the second 3 tracks are from the same BBC programme dated September 1985.

      John Foxx did the music for 'Speedball' and 'Gods' video games (amiga/atari) in the early 90s.

      Quirks is probably a live recording with Ultravox or from the free 7" with Ha! Ha! Ha!.

      John Foxx did another session for Janice long in July 1985 which I have, but is not as good quality as the above as it is an AM radio recording.

      Cheers, Dave Sez.

  10. mate this amazing stuff, thanx to you skamanc, and the original poster garychching for all these quailty posts, i really do appreciate it.

  11. RockPop '76 covers, correct link:

    Also see:
    and for covers to other later U'vox bootlegs:

  12. And the crocodiles are feeding ...

  13. Thanks so much!

  14. This is the most popular of my megaposts kindly hosted by skamanc - nearly 300 downloads ... hoping someone is still into Ultravox but is just being very quiet, here's the first of two dates at kant kino (the later one is listed above) and a recent repost of the Reading Festival - not d'loaded it yet but I expect it to be of as poor quality as all the other versions I've heard. Still, you never know ... cheers, Dave Sez.



    Thanks sdoughty and Eddie!

  15. More exciting arrivals! Adrian of the Stranglers blog (and more) has kindly put up a 1979 American gig which hasn't surfaced before to my knowledge. It's a pretty good audience recording of the last gig that Foxx did with Ultravox during their ill-fated first American tour. Go thank the man here:


    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  16. Hey, thank you for sharing these tapes! I'm just going through them now, and it seems the Detroit 78 track 8 file is "set to private" on mediafire. It would be great if you could reset it so it is downloadable. Thanks.

  17. These two links are both "set as private" on mediafire so we cant download them.
    Both are
    It's the track 8 repost from Detroit and the track 1 repost from Buffalo.

    I have a hard time expressing in anonymous text on the internet how appreciated a repost/reflagging of these files would be.

    Thanx for everything.
    kind regards

  18. Dave Sez wrote:

    "... the last gig that Foxx did with Ultravox during their ill-fated first American tour."

    This fallacy has to stop. Maybe it was the last *recorded* gig Foxx did, but they played 3 more shows after this one - 2 more at The Whisky (*not* "Whiskey") A-Go-Go on March 16th and 17th and then THE final gig at The Fleetwood in nearby Redondo Beach on March 20th, supported by The Zippers and The Kats:


  19. Found this googling John Foxx 5 CD box set. Cool stuff.