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Manchester M22, September 2016

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

BLACK SABBATH : Paris 20/12/70 (Come to the Sabbath)

Phenomenal gig from the 1st & best Sabbath line up....Terry "Geezer" Butler (bass) & Bill Ward (drums) are simply one of the best rhythm sections I have ever heard...

PS Please keep the orders for cd's & dvd's coming in. I am almost late for work now in the library & cannot rely on the fast - dying PC at home...

PPS No comments = no more posts & therefore no more blog...

I realise that certain visitors comment regularly & this tirade is obviously not directed towards those faces.... A situation, however, where 105+ people d/load a post then only three leave a note of thanks is simply not fucking good enough.

Dave is as pissed off as I am over this... Remember we (& most other bloggers) do this as a labour of love & not as a business. This blog actually costs me money, that I should really be diverting elsewhere, like new shoes for my kids, diesel in my jamjar etc...



  1. That's told'em right, Skamanc (however, we softies know we do it for the love of the music, and the last thing we want is for the blog to go down, whether through web nazis or apathetic freeloaders ...).

    In the meanwwhile - and only when you have the time and the patience - could you up my Ultravox - Unsung Songs post, as I have a ton of active links to gigs of the time I'd like to post in the comments before they die. Having swamped Herr Pauli with Colin Hodkinson, I'd like to leave something for martin before the summer break ...

    Cheers and sod the toerags! Dave Sez.

  2. mate what a brilliant post, watched programme on sabbath and ozzy friday, parnoid is one of the best debut albums for me CLASS, will test the power of my speakers with this little fire cracker, as always massive thanx from me, and to Dave Sez million thanx geezer, can't wait to hear the vox demos

  3. it is a shame ! is it a bargain-hunting mentality ? the throwaway society ?

    i don`t know. i hate all these fuckers. we all benefit by your blog.
    just a click and we have great stuff.
    no fuckin comment ! no thanks ! ungrateful FUCKER !!!!

    all my thanks goes to skamanc. what for amazing stuff we all found.
    dave ! wonderful post over the last days.
    the blog, the community, the gang, the music all that means a lot to me.

    belive me mate:If only I had more money ... or a win on the lottery....
    i would help you...

  4. Cheers all... I have more Sabbath stuff that I will post periodically. That was a great programme last Friday Martin, wasn't it ? Some of the colour gig clips were from this paris gig btw, e.g. Hand of Doom & War Pigs...

  5. mate would love some more sabbath, ozzy comes under the category how is he still with us!! yes mate top doc

  6. message for Dave Sez, have you got the wonders don't care the full bbc sessions by the adverts, you would make my day mate if you have, cheers in advance of some wonderful stuff.

  7. Sorry you feel like this. I am an occaisonal visitor to your site and the Magazine/Feelgood posts are greatly appreciated. In fact the site that has the Magazine posts is a real treasure trove (there is a Sabbath Peel Session that I have never seen before) and I now have a stack of downloads to wade through.

    Looking forward to the Ultravox posts.

  8. Thank you, anonymous - gimme a name, then I can talk to you!

    Herr Pauli, wir vier Brueder brauchen kein Geld - kostet was kostet, wir gehen nicht runter! Wie die Braunen es nicht gesagt haben, "Trotz ist Ehre" - "Defiance is Duty". Uns gehoert der Spruch - Widerstand and fuck'em, eh? Dave Sez.

  9. Skamanc, Dave, I have boxes of bootleg tapes, demos, and other goodies that I have posted on a well known site in the past and am now at the stage where I cannot be bothered to share with others who are only interested in take, take take when a simple 'Thank you' would see me post so much more and stuff never before released. I have shows which have been downloaded 500 + times and three people have bothered to say thanks, that is unacceptable to me and now I keep all the good stuff still in it's box. From your point of view I know what it takes and always make a point of saying 'Thanks' whenever I download a show. It's not my lose if I don't share a show, people are just plain ignorant, stupid and greedy to realize how far a simple 'Thank you' goes. I will continue to share the odd show, download from your site and always post a 'Thanks'. I for one appreciate the time, expense and effort that goes into a blog and would like to say a thank you for doing so.

  10. Skamanc, the next way forward is to only give access to a download once someone has posted a 'Thank you'.
    Food for thought.

  11. First Of All Skamanc Is Right And I Apologise Cause I Didn t Comment Too Much Lately,Only For Posts I Liked The Most.
    On The Other Hand,Don t Be Rude For People Who Don t Leave Comments.
    We All Had Done It More Or Less,We All Know How Addicted We Became More And More About Downloading Everyday.
    I m Sure We All Have Unheard Stuff In Our Hard Drives,Don t We ??
    Also There s People From Different Countries Who Have To Comment Always The Same Few Words And This Is Also Redicoulus As Time Goes By.
    Of Course Comments Are The Identical Way For The Net But The Real Truth Are The Numbers Of Download Clicks Each Blogger Counts.
    That s When Every Blogger Really Check His Blog Popullarity.
    There Would Be No Blogs If You Count The Numbers Of Comments On Each Blog Around.
    Anyway,Just Some Words From Me.
    Thanks For The Sabbath And All Your Work Skamanc.

  12. "Of Course Comments Are The Identical Way For The Net But The Real Truth Are The Numbers Of Download Clicks Each Blogger Counts.

    [None of which - free of charge - pays the bills for running a blog or compensate for the hours uploading .. hours taken away from family and friends ... are you doing that? What, nothing to offer everyone?]

    That s When Every Blogger Really Check His Blog Popullarity.

    [Who gives a shit how popular you are, most bloggers can't meet the bills paying to give you free gifts, and really need a reason why to continue giving stuff for free... your appreciation? Your gifts? Or just your fuckin' complaints?]

    There Would Be No Blogs If You Count The Numbers Of Comments On Each Blog Around.

    [So you run a blog, do you? and have offered us recordings like we have offered to you??? I think not, no gifts from you in the comments.

    Give back or shut your fucking gob! LEECH!

    Anyway, Just Some Words From Me.

    {Ya, just fuckin' words. You've got me real fucking angry now. Thanks for the hot air, goin' help or what shit???]

  13. Ya, listen and learn: "There Would Be No Blogs If You Count The Numbers Of Comments On Each Blog Around." Great, mate, so now there's no more blogs ...

  14. "On The Other Hand,Don t Be Rude For People Who Don t Leave Comments" 'Scuse me mate, but why the fuck not be rude? Ten seconds of effort for recoridngs no-one can buy? Take, take, take, you fake, fake, fake ...

  15. "I m Sure We All Have Unheard Stuff In Our Hard Drives,Don t We ??"

    And you've given it back to us all, have you? Or just grabbed for yourself without manners?


  16. Herr Pauli and BootlegMeister, could you please send an email to skamanc asking to forward it to me? Ta in advance, Dave Sez.

  17. Herr Pauli: "it is a shame ! is it a bargain-hunting mentality ? the throwaway society ?"

    Leider ja, auch beim Widerstand herrscht Konsumzwang - freikosten, kostenlos mitnehmen, Gratis-Probe ... waerst du dabei falls wir zum Dritt beim Blog posten (Aufzeichnungen aufladen)? Wie waer fuer Dich als DJ in eine Kumpelschaft von Drei? Der Blog sollte nicht runtergehen, aber es ist fast so weit - wir ziehen beide dabei als Noteinspringer oder ich fuerchrte, das Ganze geht runter, sieht so schlecht aus. ehrlich.

  18. The rage somewhat calmed, I must apologize to Anonymous (probably of Brazil, right, no?), you did at least thank our host for his work at the end of your message, thank you for the recognition of his effort.

    Anything to offer?

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  19. Hallo All Followers Of This Blog,
    I m The Anonymous Who Made You Leave 7 More Comments With My Comment.
    So Now We Have Much More Comments In Just One Post !!!!
    Thank You All
    Next Time Think More,Love More,Attack Less,There s No War Here.
    Dear Skamanc,If I Comment Also On Other Of Your Great Posts,Your Blog Will Be A Forum !!!

    PS 1:
    Please Don t Be Rude If You Don t Know How Many Things I Have Shared In
    My Life With Other People (And I m Not Talking Only About MP3 And Bootlegs And Things Like That)
    Well,At The End,To All Those Out There Who Understand,I m Too Times Happy If The Person I Help Don t Even Know It And Have To Say THANKS To Me.
    I Don t Need Any Thanks When I Believe In What I m Doin For Good.

    PS 2:Calm Down Warriors,You Are Talking So Bad To Me But You Didn t Realize That If I Have Already Download 50 Of Skamanc Posts,I Left Comments On 45.

    PS 3:Dave Sez,Thanks For Your Offerings Here,Real Diamonds.
    As For Me,Believe Me,I Gave All I Had To Those Who Needed More Than Me,I
    Just Keep Some Music Which Is Not Something Special Or Not Already Been Shared On The Net.
    Oh,And I m Not Brazilian But Is There A Meaning Of Where I Live ?

  20. Sorry, mate, for losing my cool, and you didn't deserve to be the target of my anger - if you have regularly left comments, then you have my thanks ... but I see the download figures rocketing up and the comments standing still, just a handful of kind people who appreciate what they are getting for free, and hardly any who responded to skamanc's appeal for help. We'll have to see how it goes, but just continuing a one-way flow is deeply dicouraging ... Many thanks though for taking the time to respond, cheers, Dave Sez

  21. Well said Dave.

    As regards other messages, I did make the point, quite clearly, that the comments I made on the posts were NOT directed towards the regular contributors & / or commenters...

  22. PS I am now skint apart from the 5p in my pocket. I will have to concentrate on paid employment for the meantime. I am niot begging for financial donations - rather thought it was more appropriate to sell a few cd's & dvd's. Thanks to all who have made a purchase, though these seem to have dried up now...

  23. More rare Sabbath here:


    Say thanks in passing there, eh? Cheers, Dave Sez.

  24. This goes up to 11... THANK YOU!

  25. Black Sabbath Paris 1970 downloads with no filw extension and will not play

  26. Black Sabbath Paris 1970 downloads ok but has no file extension and will not play. Great site and we have the same musical tastes! Well done