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Saturday, 12 February 2011

NEU! (1972) & NEU!2 (1973)

Legendary German progressive rock from Neu!
This is also termed Krautrock, along with Can, Kraftwerk & so on.
Pauli & I have briefly made reference to the genre & group in recent cbox messages & I hope some of you download this & give it a try. Personally I think it's 'kin excellent, and I've enjoyed this material for a long time. Pauli has recently sent me some more Can material, which I may post soon.

One of the great things about running a blog is the chance of potentially turning on a visitor to something new, that they might never otherwiase have encountered. I like to think this has happened many times & hope it will be repeated with Krautrock.

As always, comments & messages more than welcome. 




  1. it`s a funny word "krautrock" this type of music is really great. i hope the blogpeople find a new
    poin`t of view.Mr.Ska- your words about "running a blog" - totaly right. i`m glad to find a brotherhood of music. i always say skamanch you are the best and ein freund.
    cheers and good luck
    your`s friend Pauli
    great week with amazing post`s on your blog

  2. really like NEU 1+2 got a driving beat too it that i really like,dark under current to it also, I saw a bbc4 doc on Krautrock which was interesting, thank you mate yet another group you got me into, Herr Pauli Danke mein freund all is good in blog land!

  3. great to hear martin - and: neu 1 one of david bowie`s fav. records.
    all we are saying is give krautrock a chance....
    (based loosely on JOHN LENNON)

  4. This type of material was a heavy influence on Bowie's Berlin Trilogy (Low, Heroes & Lodger). The first two especially are amongst my fave Bowie albums.