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Friday, 4 February 2011


OK, we're back in business for now...
Hmmm... don't fancy yours much !! Here's the inimitable Rowland with his solo album...
I dedicate this post to the numpty who insists on sending me weird, rambling & derogatory e-mails about the blog, regular visitors & the music policy. His "messages" make about as much sense as Kevin Rowland's dress sense (literally lol) on the above album sleeve.


  1. GOOD to have you back. Never been sure about this cd though !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. certainly not in my top 10 either Phil. Important to add another aspect to the Dexy's canon however, plus I've had several requests over the month. Next Dexy's related will be nearer to the Soul rebels output... probably a live bot or two.

  3. Althuogh it's not his best, it was definitely great to hear something from him at the time. Cheers for this.

  4. OK, I shall chip in with a rare opinion on My Beauty. It's a truly wonderful album. So much heart, so much emotion. I have to be in the right mood to play it but when I am it absorbs me utterly.

    To think that jackdaw Noel Gallagher went mad when he heard of it makes it greater still.

    With a different cover and album concept - and I was at his Reading appearance - I think it would be more widely loved for what it is, a genuine and beautiful work with more heart in its first sixty seconds than Oasis managed in fifteen years.

  5. Pychiatrist Herr Doctor Pauli5 February 2011 at 12:46

    good to see u again mate -
    AND now to the e-mail butthead : PISS OFF!! going back on street walkers patch.mentally ill people needs professional help.the worlwideweb is full of playgrounds for dysfunktional guys - go and play with the likes of you. OR an imaginary friend !!! to solioquize can help ! the main point is that :GET OUT OF OUR LIFE !!!

  6. Gallagher is a musical illiterate !!

    Well said Puali - sums up the entire bizarre situation.

  7. tis a strange album but his voice is magnificent.I agree with mgf in that you really need to be in "that place" to listen to it. oh and a big fuck off to your very own internet stalker. Wish I had one........

  8. Thank God you re still here Skamanc !!!!
    Nice post as well.

  9. Cheers Mark & Mr Anon. I agree its not what you could call easy listening but I do love his voice.

    I've still got your email address in my contacts Mark - I could easily arrange an internet stalker for you lol

  10. Thanks for moving on..

    There's no blog like this around. Yes, a number of pretenders and nearlies.

    Like to hear about the tributes to Neil.

    Your blog's not always my cup of tea and ... what the fuck is this! Bargepoles come to mind.

    Now, for me, the Faces post (around 1972) of today really hits the mark.

    Big question of the moment, can City do what Wolves did, but please don't stop at 2-1.

    Keep on keeping on.