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Manchester M22, September 2016

For my kids, Dylan & Tommy. Bollocks to the ex Mrs!

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Saturday, 23 October 2010

MAGAZINE : Lynn, Massachusetts, 10/8/80

Dedicated to their late guitarist John McGeoch.
Back to one of my favourite artists & outfits tonight - the living genius that is Howard Devoto with Magazine. Bootleg recording from the States, August 1980. More Magazine to follow. As always, respect & thanks to the original artists & bootleggers.
For Ian, Pete, Kev, Mike & Mo - my muckers over @ Manchester College Automotive Department.


  1. guten morgen my friend,
    you open my ears for mr. devoto.
    ok: i know the buzzcocks but devoto`s solo stuff and magazin came for the first time in my life.
    youre totally right - he is great.
    thanks for this "new music". to find something new in my age - great :)
    have a nice day my blogfather
    your`s biggest fan in germany PAULI

  2. I Agree his solo album is really good, i knew of magazine and buzzcocks,as for John McGeoch he is one of my fav post punk Guitarists along with Johnny Marr and Stuart Adamson, superb, thanx mate,ps message for Herr Pauli I watched Jools holland bbc 2 music programme last nite, gaslight anthem had a ST PAULI flag on there drum kit!

  3. Hi Skamanc, Dave Sez here (who helped you out on the Stranglers a while back). Great to see you keeping Marky Dread's posts alive - I have done likewise, indexing all his Magazine posts and many many more into a Magazine mega-post of everything I could find, posted here:


    Keep the Magazine coming, and the more, the merrier, can't wait to see if you've found something I haven't! Cheers, Dave Sez.

  4. hallo martin41,

    the FC.ST.PAULI was formed 1910 - so this year 100 years. a birthday concert with a lot of bands(did you ever heard about famous german bands like DIE ÄRZTE or FETTES BROT ? - is not so importend)
    gaslight anthem also played - i know that the band say`s is like to play for the superbowl!?

    thank`s martin and now you know something about the best german footballteam...
    have a nice day

  5. Danke Herr Pauli, my friends have been to see fc st pauli, they said it was wonderful, i hope one day to see them against my team Leeds United one day!happy anniversery mein friend. ps might look those bands up

  6. I passed by St Pauli's ground whlie going to see City play Hamburg back in 2002.

    Thanks for all the comments lads. Thanks for the Magazine megapost URL Dave - much appreciated. I didn't realise that there was so much stuff out there. Apart from the Lynn gig I had the Circus live tracks & the Peel Sessions (in addition to the regular / official releases).

    Thanks Pauli - glad you've been introduced to the work of Devoto. Makes the blog worthwhile when I get just one comment like that !

  7. one fine day...
    FC ST. PAULI against CITY or LEEDS in Hamburg
    we meet us and i pay for the beer...
    maybe a champions league match

    i hope we are not to old - but it`s funny old boy`s - wheelchairs - a nurse bring beer - singing Jam songs ... THAT`s entertainment !
    what a dream ST. PAULI plays CL 2040 :)

    OK my friends next match in HAMBURG - a promise is a promise - I PAY the beer.
    MAGAZINE and DEVOTO are really great

  8. Danke Schon mein freund,it will have to be a pre season friendly because my team LEEDS are in championship and are struggling so champions league is distant memory! but it would be cool,i looked up those bands die arzte r good punk rock, fettes brot r hip hop not really to my taste,

  9. hi martin,
    the champions league is just a dream. after a long time ST Pauli are back in the 1.bundesliga. at the moment they play o.k. but the season is long and at the end ...
    2020/2040 CL - oh yeah !!!
    german hip hop - i don`t like it too. die ärzte are very famous in germany, his drummer bela b is cool.
    BUT british punk is the real thing and so the german bands not my type of Punk. Your land has all the hero`s - we have just the(lausy) copy`s
    ok mein freund have a nice day

  10. Hi Skamanc, if you head over to the comments on my Magazine megapost mentioned above, you'll find something to tickle both your fancies - could you believe two videos of great 1966 mod music from Manchester with Dave "Formula" Tomlinson on Hammond organ? If you'd like the three singles the group did, just ask for them in the comments over there! Cheers, Dave Sez.

  11. Today is a good day for my collection- Dave Sez pointed me in your direction so I'm grabbing loads of early Magazine boots- Thanks for sharing