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Manchester M22, September 2016

For my kids, Dylan & Tommy. Bollocks to the ex Mrs!

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Monday, 11 October 2010

THE JAM : Kerrisdale Arena, Vancouver, Canada, 5th June 1982.

Here's a file new to the blog that I'm particularly pleased with. This took me the best part of a recent wet weekend to convert individually, track by track from Flac to MP3. The results are well worth the effort & this is a great addition to the collection. In historical terms, this was the last gig played on North American soil.

The blog is gradually getting back on its feet after the recent Rapid-shite debacle & this is dedicated to all  blog followers for your support, & to the usual suspects in particular. You know who you are... It means a lot to me... Enough of this else I'll be in tears in a minute lol... download & enjoy but please leave a comment or two...



PS apologies for the file being in 2 parts - unlike Rapidshare, Sharebee don't seem to like longer files !?!?!? All part of the learning curve. Just uploading this to Rapidshare also... I will add the code to the post as soon as...

& here's the Rapidshare file...


  1. Wow! I was at this show. The end of an era in more ways than one. Thanks.

  2. superb mate, and thanks for all the hard work you put in to the blog,i get a kick out of contributing to it. WE ARE THE MODS!

  3. Thanks for your effort!! One post, one surprise.There are too many bootlegs I don't know about.
    (Ahhh, I use "FLAC Frontend" to convert flac files to any type, easy and quick.)
    Un salumod......

  4. Thanx for this and many others

  5. Thanks all. I have tried all (& I mean ALL) of the converters out there - I now stick to http://media.io/

    It's free, no download & dead reliable. Can take a while but has never, EVER let me down...

  6. hallo mein freund
    thanks for your fantastic blog. for all this amazing stuff.you`re really a friend

    your`s Pauli

  7. Great post!

    Mediamonkey also converts files, all types to whatever you want MP3 etc, simple & easy, takes only a few minutes...


  8. Hi There:

    Great Jam boot, my man. Just to add to the flac to mp3 debate, have you tried All2mp3? It's free and I've never had a problem with it. It converts flac, wav, ape,ogg, mp4 and more to mp3s and does so pretty quickly (say about a minute for an average length track flac-mp3). Anyway, you probably know about it but, just in case .....

    Keep up the great work. I always check in to see what goodies you have put up. Hope you occasionally get round to checking out groundsforappeal too.

    Oh, and, even thou it pains me to say it as a Utd fan, but that Adam Johnson is a fucking handy player!


  9. Cheers Neil. I have a read through regularly now & left a comment re City & United a few weeks ago. Johnson is a great player - even started for England last nite, though it was a shite game & overall performance...

  10. Cambridge Blue says :
    Big thanks for this boot. Great music never dies!
    Loved the Jam - went to see them all over the South. Going down to London, or the De Montfort at Leicester plus the "good old" Cambridge Corn Exchange amongst others... I always wore my knitted tie when they played here. Oops! What memories though.
    I came to your site via Google as I was looking for that 20 Mod Classics CD. I saw the City graffiti and thought, "Oh yeah?" but didn't spot the City crest straight away!
    And as for Lambrettas... I won't even go down that road... It would take too long!
    And as much as I am DESPERATE for some success for City it saddens me the way we have spent way over the top on transfers and especially wages. But hey, that's just me...
    Come on you Blues. CTID. Proud Blue since '66 !!

  11. hi skaman,many many thanks for this great jam boot,i didnt know it existed,keep up the great work.
    all the best pat

  12. It was a Saturday in the old Kerrisdale arena , I cannot remember the opening act (Toronto ??). A fantastic gig heard of The Jam,first in NME.

  13. opening act was the scissors
    i cant get this file to open..anyone else have this file that might be able to pass it on?


  14. I was at this show too...i didn't realize it was the swan song for North America....the show was a very important for me...i am into scooters .to be part of the mod revival is a source of great pride to me!...
    I am amazed there is recordings from that gig.....thanks!