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Monday, 27 September 2010

The end of the Blog ???

It is with heavy heart that I type this, as this may well be the last post on the Blog.

Sometime this afternoon, Rapidshare altered their website format.... I've been upolading material since mid morning ready to be drafted & then posted. At present, the new Rapidshare site has unresponsive links, so I can't make certain that my 650+ sharecodes are still available via their site.

If all goes well, the teething troubles will be sorted out & it's business as usual for the blog. If they have disappeared, then it's all over.

I have the music files themsleves stored safely elsewhere, but now lack the sheer free time needed to reupload everything.

I sincerely hope that the codes will be available after Rapidshare get their new look site up & running....


  1. rapidshare still had bedtime for democracy today at 15 10 hrs thanx for the great blog keep it up lidge84

  2. I tried a few codes & they seemed to be working. Just that I can't access any of them via rapidshare - there are loads of new uploads that I have yet to draft onto the blog...

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. that is hard.
    feels as if you meet a beautiful woman and she says to you: I must leave soon, and if we meet again is still not safe.
    my club loses on the weekend(st.pauli vs dortmund 1-3) and now this announcement. too much bad information.
    mein freund i hope this is not the end - we all need your blog.
    greetings from germany your`s pauli

  4. I have been on other blogs and they are complaining about Rapidshare, you hold in there m8,we need this blog up and running, i got loads more stuff to contribute yet!

  5. try using http://www.sharebee.com/ mate it uploads to 6 different uploaders which are all free had no problem since I switched to it

  6. rapidshare works, they have just changed the look of the page.

    sign in at the top right hand side then select the high speed download (if you have an account or choose slow waiting download if you don't)

    great blog, keep up the good work, all the best!


  7. My problem is that I can't access my pages of sharecodes that have been there since I started the blog. They were all there this morning & while I was suploading. Since the page format changed... zilch !

    Many thanks for the messages & e-mails of support. This is just a pisser though I'm sure we'll get through it.

    I have looked at Sharebee before Bud - don't like the way you often have to skip loads of ads & / or do a stupid survey before you can dowlnoad...

  8. links are up and running only just found you via nuzzprowlin wolf. A marvellous quality site mate.

  9. Many thanks. Starting to re-up some stuff via sharebee.com (cheers Bud!), though hoping rapidshare will allow me to pull some of my existing sharecodes off asap...

  10. Chin up old bean, don't let the bastards grind you down.

  11. Thanks for all the supportive comments. As for Rapidshare... FUCK 'EM !

  12. "Thanks for all the supportive comments. As for Rapidshare... FUCK 'EM !"

    Most eloquently put Skananc, there loss your gain.


  13. Ha ha - sums up the entire situation neatly !!

  14. Yeah exactly. Over 2 years trouble free then they fuck it up completely ina single morning...