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Friday, 21 May 2010

THE STRANGLERS : Hope & Anchor, 1977.

Decent recording of a 1977 Stranglers gig from the Hope and Anchor. (Scene of many a Specials & Madness show also). Reasonable track list, consisting mainly of material from the 1st two LP's and early singles / EP's. As always, comments & feedback are welcome - lets have some more messages from new people please....As always, click on the St George's flag to start the download process.


  1. Thanks for this one!
    Hadn't heard anything by The Stranglers in quite awhile. Nice to revisit them!

  2. One from New Jersey (1981) in the pipeline also Chris.

  3. Many thanks, Skamanc, a classic gig that was broadcast in the London area by Capitol Radio; taped it at the time. I have tons more Stranglers if you would like me to leave links in the comments; I could also provide a review of all known Stranglers pre-'82 bootlegs out there - just gimme the time to write it - just let me know here. Cheers, Dave Sez.

  4. Oh, and the H&A gig was on 22nd November 1977; another great recording was at the Roundhouse on 6th November 1977.

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  5. Thanks Dave. The links would be great - I'm always interested in Stanglers (Cornwell era) boots / recordings.

  6. Hi again Dave. Been searchig thru my Stranglers files & discs tonight - came up with : March 76 demos, Rock Goes To College, Japan TV 1979, Ritz NYC 1980, Middlesborough 1977, Cleveland / Eastern Front 1978, 77 Peel Sessions, Toronto 1980, Edinburgh 81 & the Roundhouse 77.

    These will all be posted when I get around to it - any additions would be most welcome. Thanks mate.

  7. Thanks, Skamanc, for your listing. It looks like both of us have been trawling radiolux's posts at guitars101, but there are a few you don't seem to have. First up is a superb quality 1982 recording - a bit late for me, as you'll see from the comments I added to the post, which include tracklisting and all details. It's an unbroadcast BBC transcription disc, so not to be missed!

    Get it here thanks to Altronic:


    Altronic also has this:
    Another you don't seem to have is:
    Stranglers - 1981.04.11 Emerald City, Cherry Hill, NJ

    FM Broadcast from Philadelphia's WMMR 93.3
    Total file size : 91.67 MB, MP3, 192 kps
    Total time : 59 mn

    01. Waltzinblack (intro)
    02. Threatened
    03. The Raven
    04. Toiler on the Sea
    05. Just Like Nothing On Earth / Thrown Away
    06. Who Wants the World
    07. Second Coming
    08. Meninblack
    09. Shah Shah A Go Go
    10. Hallow To Our Men
    11. Tank
    12. Nuclear Device
    13. Genetix

    You'll find a slew of Stranglers posts of mine (but you seem to have most of them) here:


    It's worth searching the comments to the posts for different groups on the above site, as I have added a whole series of links to other recordings.
    Another couple you don't seem to have (but I haven't gone and got or checked links so I can't comment further:



    and an alternative for Cherry Hill:


    onlybootleghere.blogspot.com (the archive for the now-closed first TUBE site which is now at http://theultimatebootlegexperience3.blogspot.com/) also had this one:

    Stranglers - 1980-11-13 - Berkeley, CA
    (FM mp3@192)

    "This superb Stranglers set was recorded for an American radio station,
    but was quite possibly never broadcast, and is taken from the original
    source tape. The mix is a little odd, with the keyboards much more to
    the fore than would be expected, but it's a rare gem!"

    01 Toiler On The Seas
    02 Duchess
    03 Baroque Bordello
    04 Hanging Around
    05 Crowd noise
    06 Down In The Sewer
    07 Hugh speaks
    08 Who Wants The World
    09 Threatened
    10 Just Like Nothing On Earth
    11 Nuclear Device
    12 Dead Loss Angeles
    13 The Raven.

    I went and got it back then, but it seems to have disappeared from TUBE old and new; I'll search my link archives to see if I have a direct download link for you.

    The new TUBE has this (haven't gone and got so I can't comment further:

    And a last one if you didn't know of it already:

    OK, that's enough to keep you busy for a while! Cheers for now, Dave Sez.

  8. The Zurich gig in 320, links still good:


    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  9. Found the Berkeley gig:


    I also included links to two Hugh Cornwell gigs here:


    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  10. And a last one - Stranglers video at Rockpalast '83:


    There ya go, cheers, Dave Sez.

  11. Thanks again Dave. Just downloaded the Berkeley & Hammersmith files. (Hamburg was sort of dead - only a few bytes available). I'll start posting all these asap...

  12. Cheers for this, much appreciated!