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Thursday, 13 May 2010


Rare Ska Vinyl Rip Compilation - says it all. Some killer tracks here... some well known & some not - have a listen & leave me a few comments.

1. Hipp Ska - Cindy Starr
2. Pain Of Love - Cindy Starr
3. You Are The Girl - The Ethiopians
4. Train To Skaville - The Ethiopians
5. Bama Boom - Damaicens
6. Work It - Vice Roys
7. Love Is All I Had - Phillis Dilon
8. Boys and Girls - Phillis Dilon
9. Sounds And Pressure - Unknown
10. Tell Me Darling - Buster's All Stars
11. Sting Like A Bee - Buster's All Stars
12. Ten Commandments - Buster's All Stars
13. Sweet Nanny - Virtues
14. Spit In The Sky - Joe Liggs
15. Tell Me Why - Joe Liggs
16. This Train - Joyce Bond
17. Hong Kong Flu - The Ethiopians
18. Clap Your Hands - The Ethiopians
19. Greedy Gal - Patrick Morgan
20. Children Get Ready - Versatices
21. This Train Is Coming Back - The Gladiators
22. Feeling So Fine - The Gladiators
23. Move Up - Al and Vibrators
24. Sweets For My Sweet - Bobby Aitken
25. Pee Pee Cluck Cluck - The Pioneers
26. Everybody Rock Now - Kim McCarthy
27. Spoogy - Lester Sterling
28. Burning - Dynamics

For all @ the "load of bollocks" forum...


  1. No matter what I go off to listen too. I'll always come back to ska. :) You just can't beat it.Thanks for this,some I hadn't heard before.

  2. Some crackers on there for sure. Done myself a CD for the car :-)

  3. What a treasure trove. Many tks.

  4. Awesome stuff !!!!
    Thanks for your hard work Skamanc.

  5. thanks very cool tunes ...

  6. Hi - If you don't mind, I've got some corrections to add for this lovely collection; many thanks for posting it.

    1. 'Hipp Ska' is actually 'Hippy Ska': UK Columbia Blue Beat DB-107 Cindy Starr – Pain Of Love/Cindy Starr & The Rude Boys – Hippy Ska (1968)
    2. The Ethiopians 'Train To Skaville'/'You Are The Girl' is credited to The Ethiopians w/The Supersonics (1967)
    3. Damaicens 'Bama Boom' is The Jamaicans w/Tommy McCook & The Supersonics- Bama Boom (Festival Song 1967)/Real Cool; UK Treasure Isle Records (1967)
    4. Vice Roys 'Work It' = The Viceroys Work It/You Mean So Much To Me; Crab Recs. ‎– CRAB 12 (1969)
    5. The 'Phillis Dilon' songs = Phyllis Dillon Trojan Records ‎– TR-651; Love Is All I Had/Boys And Girls Reggae (1969)
    6. unknown 'Sounds & Pressure' and 'Buster's All Stars - Tell Me Darling' = Hopeton Lewis Sounds And Pressure/Oh Tell Me Darling; Merritone Recs. (1967)
    7. 'Joe Liggs' 'Spit In The Sky'/'Tell Me Why' = Delroy Wilson ‎– Spit In The Sky/Voodoo Man; Black Swan ‎– WI-405 (1963)
    8. 'Children Get Ready' is by The Versatiles [Children Get Ready/Someone To Love; Crab Recs. ‎– CRAB 1 (1968)]
    9. 'Move Up' = Al & The Vibrators w/The Fugitives, 'Move Up'/'Lonesome Lover' Doctor Bird ‎– DB 1085 (1967)
    10. 'Spoogy' is Lester Sterling & Tommy McCook, Spoogy/Monkey Fiddle Unity Recs. ‎– UN 509 (1969)
    11. 'Burning' is The Dynamics, The Burner/Juckie Juckie; Punch ‎Recs. – PH 1 (1969)

    Thanks again for posting!