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Saturday, 19 January 2013

THE IMPRESSIONS : Complete A & B Sides 1961 - 68

For Liam, Cheryl & all lovers of decent Soul music everywhere... here's to the next 3 years of the blog. This is an exhaustive history of The Impressions legacy on 7" vinyl from 1961 - 1968. Absolutely classic stuff.....

Dedicated to the late Curtis Mayfield.

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1. Gypsy Woman - Single Version
2. Grow Closer Together - Single Version
3. Little Young Lover - Single Version
4. Minstrel And Queen - Single Version
5. I'm The One Who Loves You - Single Version
6. Sad Sad Girl And Boy - Single Version
7. It's All Right - Single Version
8. Talking About My Baby - Single Version
9. Girl You Don't Know Me - Album Version
10. I'm So Proud - Single Version
11. Keep On Pushing - Single Version
12. You Must Believe Me - Single Version
13. Amen - Album Version
14. People Get Ready - Single Version
15. Woman's Got Soul
16. Meeting Over Yonder - Single Version
17. I Need You - Single Version
18. Just One Kiss From You - Single Version
19. You've Been Cheatin' - Single Version
20. Since I Lost The One I Love - Single Version
21. Too Slow - Single Version
22. Can't Satisfy - Single Version
23. Love's A Comin'
24. You Always Hurt Me
25. It's Hard To Believe - Album Version
26. I Can't Stay Away From You - Single Version
27. We're A Winner - Single Version
28. We're Rolling On [Part One] - Single Version
29. I Loved And I Lost - Album Version
30. Don't Cry My Love - Single Version


1. As Long As You Love Me
2. Can't You See - Single Version
3. Never Let Me Go - Single Version
4. You've Come Home
5. I Need Your Love - Single Version
6. Twist And Limbo
7. You'll Want Me Back
8. Never Too Much Love
9. A Woman Who Loves Me
10. I Made A Mistake
11. I Love You (Yeah)
12. See The Real Me - Single Version
13. Long Long Winter - Album Version
14. I've Been Trying - Album Version
15. Get Up And Move
16. I've Found That I've Lost - Single Version
17. Never Could You Be - Single Version
18. Twilight Time
19. Man Oh Man - Single Version
20. Falling In Love With You
21. No One Else
22. This Must End
23. Wade In The Water
24. Little Girl
25. You've Got Me Runnin' - Single Version
26. You Ought To Be In Heaven
27. It's All Over
28. We're Rolling On [Part Two]
29. Up Up And Away
30. Sometimes I Wonder

 CD1 (A Sides) CD2 (B Sides)


  1. Rapidshare:

    Download permission denied by uploader. (0b67c2f5).

  2. The Impressions perhaps never got the esteem deserved. Somewhere in a box of vinyl I have a double lp of The Impressions, which I used to regularly play, bought over 30 years ago in a department store sale (Debenhams in Manchester?); back when department stores sold records, and in January sale would try to get rid of the unsold, more obscure vinyl - got several Funkadelic/Parliament, and Ornette Coleman on Blue Note lps that way.
    Incidentally I got the same message as the previous poster.
    The day I go digging out my vinyl and transferring to digital gets ever closer.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Nice blog, and seemingly great collection of Impressions' tunes, but the rapidshare link says "file not found"
    would appreciate a re-upload if possible.