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Saturday, 19 January 2013

CAROLINA FUNK 1968 - 1977

Yeah... the blog is 3 years old today...Thanks to everyone who has helped out technically, logged in, downloaded, left a comment / message, befriended me & sent in material. You all know who you are...

Love Skamanc

PS...The freeloaders out there can all fuck off.....

Great collection of soul / funk from the States of North & South Carolina, dated 1968 - 1977. Some excellent material on here - nobody is what you might call a household name, though these guys were no doubt massive on the College & support circuits back in the day. One is unreleased and the rest is made up of old master tapes and some rare vinyl. Occasionally parts grate on you...James Brown & Aretha "steals" like "Do right..." and "Take it to the bridge..." but a top collection of period soul / funk all the same that is well worth the download...

Thanks & luv to Steve & Cheryl - both have been 110% rocks during a difficult period...

01 03:14 Primitive - Creation of Music
02 02:52 Gamith - Darkness
03 02:46 Innersouls - Just Take Your Time
04 01:58 Dynamite Singletary - Super Good
05 03:55 Mongoose - King Cobra
06 03:55 Soul Impossibles - Interpretation- Soul Power No 1
07 02:12 Carleen & The Groovers - Can We Rap
08 03:37 Sundia - Stand Up and Be A Man Pt 1
09 02:18 The Tempos Band - Ease It To Me
10 02:57 Frankie & The Damons - Bad Woman
11 02:06 Roy Roberts - You Aint Miss It
12 03:23 Black Experience Band - The Road
13 05:56 The Soul Drifters - Funky Soul Brother
14 02:50 James Reese & The Progressions - Lets Go (Its Summertime)
15 03:54 Paul Burton - So Very Hard To Make It
16 05:46 Wally Coco - Message To Society
17 05:27 Anthony Burns - Doing What You Need To Do
18 03:25 The Black Exotics - Theme Of Blackbyrds
19 02:56 Donnie Brown - Funky Mind
20 02:10 George Campbell - Good Time
21 04:33 J.D.S - Funky Party Time
22 03:50 The Ultimates - Progressive Movement


  1. Congrats on your 3 years! You have excellent taste, and I really appreciate your hard work, uploading everything and writing a good post each time. Thank you!

  2. happy anniversary mate.

    now your baby is 3 years old. with 3 years you can walk and talk. your baby is highly developed much intelligent as other kids in that age.

    dear mr. ska
    thanx for all these wonderful years. for wonderful post`s. despite all the problems your blog is still alive. thanks for your hard work.

    be sure ! your litlle gang is with you and we are the best godparents you can find for your baby.

    all the best mein freund your biggest fan in germany

    Herr Pauli

  3. Three Years......of good posts, good music.

  4. Hello, I',m not very good in technologies, but when I follow the link, it says:
    Download permission denied by uploader. (0b67c2f5)

    cheers from Italy