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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Wliko Johnson + Lew Lewis rarities 1980 - 83 (+ Stranglers !)

                                                       Wilko and Lew rarities 80-83

As Skamanc loves Wilko and that makes two of us, here's a few rarities you may not have caught! As we had Wilko's track with Burnel in the Summer Sampler post, here's the Stranglers with Lew Lewis in '78, and also the Stranglers' re-recorded version of Mean To Me after the first Celia & The Mutations single the previous year.

Stranglers - Black And White FREE 9 white EP:
01 Old Codger (w. Lew Lewis and George Melly)
02 Mean To Me (Cornwell vocals, not Celia Gollin)

Wilko Johnson 1980 - Ice free single:
01 Back In The Night
02 She Does It Right

Wilko Johnson & Lew Lewis live 1983 in France - In Memory Of Muddy Waters, 3-track bootleg E.P.
01 - Rolling And Tumbling
02 - Sneakin' Suspicion
03 - I Got My Mojo Working

Wilko Johnson & Lew Lewis Band - 1983 - Bottle Up And Go! EP
01 - Caravan Man (great dub-tinged blues!)
02 - Bottle Up And Go!
03 - I Wanna Be Your Lover
04 - Looked Out My Window

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  1. Many thanks for this. Once again a terrific post

  2. .....and herr pauli loves wilko too - that makes 3 of us.....

    the wilko ep in memory of muddy waters a big fat WOW to you. (muddy waters and howlin wolf my alltime blues heroes)

    the stranglers!!! what should i say - WUNDERBAR UND TOLL it means YEAH

    a big DANKESCHÖN

    yours HERR PAULI

  3. Froh, dass du froh bist, Herr Pauli, mein Zweck im Leben! Hast eine Menge Unterstuetzung geleistet fur unser'n Wirt, mein Dank dafuer! Der braucht Hilfe, bin dabei! Wie schoen gesagt, wir sind Familie. Tschuss, Dave Sez (na ja, deutschspragig auch obwohl Londoner Punk 77-78)! Weitere rare Wilko-Stuecke folgen gleich ...

  4. You WON'T want to miss this post from the late great Longy, links still live - Feelgoods live pro-shot video from 1975! http://punkfriction.blogspot.com/2010/02/dr-feelgood-going-back-home-live-1975.html

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  5. YEAH !!! dave, dave - be impressed by your german - RESEPECT !
    (I would have wished some German would write so well.)

    every wilko post is welcome or better: every of your post is welcome. your stuff over the last days was really great.

    thanx again
    have a great and lazy sunday afternoon

  6. My pleasure, Herr Pauli, glad you're enjoying it! Dr Feelgood Detroit 1976 is uploaded and in the posting queue; meanwhile, check these out and don't forget to thank the posters!


    http://boogiewoody.blogspot.com/2009/11/pub-rock-part-1.html - not all the links are live ... but the Hope and Anchor Front Row Festival 1977 and a rare Wilko single are!

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  7. thanx for the two links.

    cheers Herr Pauli

  8. thanks for the wilco , and thanks for the great useful comments. I try to check the comments for their information frequently/.

  9. Can you please re-up the file...Thanks.

  10. Can you please re-up the links for Wilko Johnson..And remind me by email: Sleepyspirit@gmail.com. Thanks a lot