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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Dave Sez : Summer Sampler

                                              Dave Sez - Summer Sampler for Skamanc....

The summer rolls in around my part of the world, so time to celebrate the sun with some original ska and early punk rarities from the archive!

- the proto-Clash 101ers live in May 76 (Jail Guitar Doors and Junco Partner)

- the two original versions of Armagideon Time from 1969 and 1978, and a great live Clash version from 1980

- both 1977 singles from the secret Stranglers/Wilko group, Celia And The Mutations

- Ultravox's first 1975 single as Tiger Lily

- a UK '76 ska-tinged single by Anglo-Ethiopian Mari Elliott, first single by the pre-Bondage Poly Styrene

- and, last but very definitely not least, the best '77 punk anthem you never heard - Rough Trade's 001, Metal Urbain with Paris Maquis - up there with "Anarchy in the UK".

Full pics and detailed texts for each single included. Enjoy! All one easy download at:


Don't forget to go thank those kind posters whilst getting the music they've offered - your thanks keep the blogosphere rolling!

More rare Wilko is here:


For Dave Sez and friends' megapost of the Gang of Four, see


Remember to check the comments to all my posts for additions and re-ups ... and maybe to say thanks? Cheers for now, Dave Sez.


  1. thanx to skamanc and Dave sez
    great compilation of punk rarities
    can't wait to hear metal urbain paris marquis
    loving all this punk stuff

  2. Hey man, tons more coming if ya ask for it - Ultravox, Television, Stranglers or someone else? And crank the volume on Paris Maquis, think Bootboys ... crude and loud! Glad you like it, Dave Sez.

  3. thank`s a lot dave & skamanc !!!

    let my say in german : "EINFACH GEIL" it means:"FUCKIN BRILLIANT"

    all the best

    Herr Pauli

    can`t wait for the amazing stranglers stuff

  4. cheers Dave i am into old school punk 76-78 so all of the above fits my bill! but i am not adverse to some hardcore or post if you get my drift,

  5. A big thanks to martin41smith and Herr Pauli for the thanks: 31 downloads and 2 commenters, ah well ... still, the aim is to give Skamanc a boost and some stuff he's never heard of (I hope), so we're up for more. Soon to come: Stranglers 1974-78 demos for martin, rare Wilko for Skamanc, and two rare Television gigs from '77 and '78 for all of ya. Your turn, Herr Pauli, anything you'd like? Cheers on a sunny day, Dave Sez.

  6. My bad (mein Fehler), Herr Pauli - Stranglers for you of course! Cheers matey, Dave Sez. And the answer (for the non-responsive masses) from the Magazine megapost was that the dork in the red jersey was Dave Tomlinson of St Louis Union aka Dave Formula of Magazine .. yes really!

  7. thanx to Dave sez we appreciate all your hard work mate even if others don't, look forward to stranglers with eager anticipation , not to sound to greedy mate, have you got the adverts demos and unreleased material from crossing red sea , been looking for centuries!!!

  8. Thanks martin - keeps me cheery. And you don't sound greedy, mate, just asking for something you want ... Adverts demos 77 and 78 are uploading for you now, to be posted by our gracious host in the fullness of time. Stranglers, Wilko and Television are in the posting queue too. Watch the comments sections on all three for additions.

    And by the by, saw that you got the Heartbreakers 1975 (misdated to 1976) demos from daysofouryouth yesterday .. which was originally posted (and still up) in better quality (320) by my Television blogbuddy Mona here:


    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  9. mate you have made a old punk very happy, i will have some of that better quailty heartbreakers demos as well, this is like a punk treasure chest,
    thanx again

  10. A punk treasure chest it is intended to be, for our gracious host and his readers, ask on ... cheers, Dave Sez.

  11. Excellent comp my friend

  12. Havnt popped in for a while Skamanc..hope alls good with you :)Good to see you still keeping the faith and posting all this fantastic music.More power to you,and as always your labours are appreciated!Cheers!Aw the best,Deek fae not so sunny Embra..still waiting for bleedin' summer to break out lol! :)

  13. A huge amount of rare Gang of Four has been posted by circle on his revived blog, darkcircleroom4.blogspot.com - you'll find a bunch of Magazine there too. For the Stranglers, see auralsculptors.blogspot.com.

    Cheers, Dave Sez.