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Monday, 18 June 2012

Dave Sez : Magazine Megapost Part (1)

I recently referred to a very kind offer of help from the legendary Dave Sez. Here, then, is Part One of a fantastic collection of Magazine, Devoto & Buzzcocks related material. On this topic, it was great to see Howard Devoto & BarryAdamson being interviewed as part of last Friday's "Punk Britannia" Part 3.

Please continue your fantastic support you have previously shown the blog & make sure that you leave some comments for Dave. Now its over to the man himself...

Magazine megapost - Part One

In a series of guest posts for skamanc (in thanks for the great music I've got from here), it's time to return the gift and lend a hand. For today, I'll direct you to pages on the web which you may have already visited and maybe not: in any case, the links are still live. I'd ask readers to leave thanks in the comments over there, as without these posters' generosity, we couldn't all enjoy this music. In following posts, I'll be reupping for skamanc more rare Magazine that has since disappeared from the web, notably their 1977 demos and live gig at the Electric Circus. Enough chatter: on with it.


Thanks to the wonderful eggcityradio, here are five classic Magazine gigs, including the first and best live vinyl bootleg, Back to Nature:

Magazine - Back To Nature: Boston 4th Aug 79
Magazine - Hurrah’s, NYC, 2nd Aug.79
Magazine - San Francisco, CA, 15th Aug 80
Magazine - Toronto, Canada, 21st Aug 80
Magazine - live on “Rockpalast”, Berlin, Germany, 30th Oct 80

The Boston, Toronto and Rockpalast are particularly recommended.



The original covers for Back To Nature can be found here:


Click the 'Show' button below the front cover to see the back cover.


As a reminder, Marky Dread and skamanc have already given us Rockpalast here:


as well as another gig from the 1980 US tour, Lynn, Massachusetts 10-08-80, here:



To turn to Magazine's 2009 reformation, thanks to Roy Rocket we can listen to Magazine at The Electric Proms at the Roundhouse, London 22nd October 2009, a high-quality video rip at 320 kbps.

1.Shot By Both Sides.
2.Rhythm Of Cruelty.
3.A Song From Under The Floorboards.
4.Thank You Fallettinme Be Mice Elf Agin.
5.Sweetheart Contract.
6.Feed The Enemy.
7.Give Me Everything.
8.The Book.
9.Twenty Years Ago - The Light Pours Out Of Me.
10.I Love You, You Big Dummy.



The "secret" warm-up gig for the 2009 tour was at the Zodiac, Oxford on 10th February 2009, kindly offered by Eddie Duquenne:

2.The light pours out of me
3.Model worker
4.The great beautician in the sky
5.Because you're frightened
6.You never knew me
7.Rhythm of cruelty
8.I want to burn again
9.The great man's secret
10.A song from under the flooboards
12.The book
13.Twenty years ago
14.Definitive gaze
15.Band intro-Parade
16.Shot by both sides
17.Thank you
19.I love you, you big dummy

The links are unfortunately on filefactory; be patient, free download slots do open up eventually.



Next up, something really fresh (if not so hot on the sound quality side): a Buzzcocks megathon with both old and new line-ups in Manchester in May this year, where Howard Devoto joins the original Buzzcocks line-up to replay all the tracks from Spiral Scratch on Disc 3. Go and get these ones quickly, they may disappear soon. Direct download (no file-hoster), right-click and Save As for each track.



And finally, the Magazine Mystery of the Week - who's the dork in the red pullover?


And whilst we're at it, from the same 1966 film:


Put your answers in the comments ...


Right, that should keep you busy for a while - the Magazine reuploads will be coming in due time. Meanwhile, go thank those kind posters whilst getting the music they've offered. Other Dave Sez megaposts of rarities by the Gang Of Four and Dr. Feelgood are available here:



Remember to check the comments to all my posts for additions and re-ups ... and maybe to say thanks? Cheers for now, Dave Sez.

** Picture above is a rare poster / flyer from the Astoria gig on 24/8/80 that Dave attended. This is a scan from his collection & the 1st time this has ever appeared on t'inter-web**


  1. i`m speechless...............

    wow !!!! i say it again-skamanchs blog made a magazin/devoto fan out me. before -SURE- iknow buzzcocks (and i like the band) but now i love all the magazine/devoto stuff....
    this is really a megapost. a big DANKE to dave and our blogmaster.


  2. .......YOU MAKE MY DAY.......Hey i`m german-sorry- we just good in football not in grammar LoL

    forgett to say-thanks for the darkcircleroom2 blog link.

    i love GANG OF FOUR and i found amazing stuff on the site.

    D ! A ! N ! K ! E !

  3. many thanx to skamanc and Dave sez for this mega marathon of magazine and devoto stuff, as i said before punk and post punk is a real passion of mine so this is a fire cracker of a post, looking forward to all the wonderful posts to come thanx for all your hard work.

  4. Herr Pauli and martin41smith, thanks for the thanks, that's what keeps the megaposts rollin' on! I'm glad to be able to return the gift and help out. By the way, either of you (or other readers) interested in a Television or a Foxx-era Ultravox megapost? Bit of market research here .. ;-) cheers, Dave Sez.

  5. For those who missed the Punk Britannia documentary skamanc refers to above, get it and the other episodes here thanks to Circle: http://darkcircleroom2.blogspot.com/2012/06/punk-brittania-ep-3-dvd.html

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  6. Don't miss this one, a 1980 gig which hasn't surfaced before:


    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  7. Excellent- I can never get enough of the early stuff- thanks as always for helping to keep this stuff in circulation & very much alive

  8. You're most welcome, Pil Head - and hope you liked the Jah Wobble I posted on this blog too! Cheers, Dave Sez.

  9. thanks so much Dave for going to the trouble of re-upping. You've made several of my friends very happy :))