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Saturday, 2 July 2011


Firstly thanks to our very Herr Pauli for the link plus the c-box tips on actually downloading the thing. Thanks also to my employers, as I did the download on their cpmputer in worktime , lol !!

Deep Joy is actually a pretty good title as it accurately describes my feelings on having the tracks safely stashed on the hard drive. I've alreadygot all the TV footage that the bulk of this sudio collection comes from, though the 1968 Top Gear session with PP Arnold is a massive bonus. (In fact I have all the surviving Small Faces footage, period). Pretty decent cover too, based on the pic sleeve for "Tin Soldier".

This is now in one file, each track individually laid out, and spelling mistakes corrected. The artwork is also included, so get downloading. I admit its a blatant steal from another site, but its happened numerous times to me in the past...

Radio Caroline, 1966
Track 01. Sha-La-La-La-Lee

Colour Me Pop, June 21, 1968 featuring Stanley Unwin
Track 02. Intro & Stan Unwin (834k)
Track 03. Happiness Stan
Track 04. Rollin’ Over
Track 05. The Hungry Intruder
Track 06. The Journey
Track 07. Mad John
Track 08. Happy Days Toy Town

BBC Top Gear, April 14, 1968, with PP Arnold
Track 09. Get Ready
Track 10. Every Little Bit Hurts
Track 11. Lazy Sunday
Track 12. If I Were A Carpenter

Morecambe & Wise, April 18, 1967
Track 13. I Can’t Make It

Top Of The Pops, September 1967
Track 14. Itchycoo Park

(date unknown)
Track 15. My Mind’s Eye

Beat, Beat, Beat (German) 1966
Track 16. What’cha Gonna Do About It
Track 17. Sha-La-La-La-Lee
Track 18. Hey Girl
Track 19. All Or Nothing

Beat Club, date unknown
Track 20. I Can’t Make It

BBC Colour Me Pop 1968
Track 21. Song Of A Baker

(date unknown)
Track 22. I’ve Got Mine (cut off)

Extracts From LP Gulliver’s Travels - Instant INPL 003 (UK)
Track 23. Filler - Happy Days Toy Town/Journey’/Afterglow


  1. thanx to your employers !!!!

    i read a official german statistics-
    at work - german people like to download porno-movies, playing games and search at ebay.

    have a great weekend mein freund

  2. Funny that...here in Ireland we do both.....download and play football....nor all at the same time.....whats an employer anyway??
    Thanks for these great tracks !

  3. Friggin' awesome Small Faces post - Never heard that Top Gear session. Thanks.

  4. Cheers lads. I was delighted to get this - the version of "Get Ready" was one I'd not had before. Showcases Mac at his best... what a player !

  5. Thank you. Amazing post!

  6. "Get Ready is an absolutely new one for Small Faces fans, as some here have mentioned.. unlike this blog, unscrupulous dealers on eBay are peddling this as an actual SF album, rather than simply a radio cop..
    For anyone here who is expecting more, forget it.. As a historical radio show, of an amazing band, this is *priceless*,... but the sound , frankly, stinks, just like all sixties radio transfers.. You have to actually idolize this band to be able to slog through these versions of their (admittedly) standout tracks, most of which you will have already heard before in their pristine studio versions..If you CAN do this, however, you will be rewarded with jewels of the first rate.. as whoever had the prescience to record these BBC shows, did the world a favor, It is only that I was not aware, when I paid cold hared cash on ebay, for a 'new' SF discovery, that is ewas a simple radio transfer.. Definitely worth a listen, just know what you are getting!