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Monday, 15 November 2010

JOE JACKSON : Rockpalast, 16/4/83

Herr Pauli does it again with this great Jackson Show from German TV show Rockpalast.


  1. i remember this night - my first date with mr jackson and now after 27 years i`m still in love...
    the rockpalast was a mega tv/fm event. the show starts in 1974 small concerts, differnt artist.
    1977 start of the first rockpalast night. one or two nights in the year always in a city called ESSEN(my birthplace and city i grow up).
    1988 was the 17th and last rocknight. after great gigs like who, kinks or jackson the rockp. has not enough viewer and the producer has not enough risk taking- SO ! the end of the show... today the rockp. is allive but it was never the same. i think the german people don`t want tv shows like that. casting shows (at the moment 4)are the favourit`s of the german viewer
    good music is hard to find on tv - maybe late in the night. a show like your`s jools - no chance in germany.
    O.K. my friend thats the essay of the day
    your`s biggest fan in germany Pauli
    p.s.the data disc`s-to start on a journey wednsday or thursday

  2. Many thanks Pauli. Look forward to the latest data discs. Jools Holland though, to me at least, is very over-rated. He is a glib, crappy presenter @ best, and his show features only the occasional gem amongst piles of shite...

  3. that`s very interesting. i know some boots & records ... at jools holland. the most german "musicexpert`s" means holland is fantastic.
    i saw only one part of an weller concert @holland on dvd.
    disc are ready
    cheers mein freund

  4. Danke Pauli. Each to their own, I mean there are a lot of Jools Holland fans out there... just not including me...