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Monday, 29 November 2010

THE BALLET ON ICE, Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur, 9/12/67

A bit of a departure for the blog, but here is a classic game of football (or, at least, the five goals scored within the game). As you all know I'm a City fan for my sins & this is a classic line up. Within a five year period (1965-70) City won the 2nd Division , 1st division, FA Cup, Charity Shield & Cup Winners Cup. Plus we always seemed to stuff the twats from Old Trafford (a football ground near Manchester). This was all done with a basic nucleus of homegrown players, eg. The Cup Winners Cup Final Squad involved 11 English men plus a Scotsman (Arthur Mann RIP). Nationality is not important - look at how City & Spurs play on this clip - team players to a man despite the number of Internationals out there - Jennings, Mullery, Greaves, Lee, Bell, Summerbee etc. Plus can you see the serial cheating puffs today playing on a frozen ground like that with snow continuing to fall....?? Not a fuckin chance. I am not slagging foreign players but when will City ever win a trophy again with 11 Englishmen ? Or Celtic do it (like 1967) with eleven Scots players ? NEVER.

We've all heard of Bell, Lee, Summerbee etc but this is dedicated to Neil Young (watch his cannonball left foot shots on here, PLUS he won us the '69 FA Cup) - a true blue & top feller.


  1. Quality lol but im also biased lol

  2. I cant see todays footballers going out in a bit of snow can you? back then it was short sleeves and even the keeper didnt have gloves on,theres a great clip on youtube of the mighty wednesday v arsenal at a snowbound hillsborough with the kop throwing snowballs at pat jennings constantly,even jack charlton got pelted when he came out to ask the fans to stop! thats a lifetime ban now aint it?
    great blog pete

  3. Despite being a "twat" that supports "The Twats", that's a fun little video of a age gone by when footie was played in virtually any weather on nasty, bumpy pitches using a ball heavy enough to take your head off.

    Some nice goals too. Quality team back then - best City have had.

    Thanks for the enjoyment of going back to those days.


  4. hallo mein freund,
    thanks for a view in the history of british football. the good old days...
    for a german a very interessting and "new" point of view.
    after all the good music, now great football stuff
    your blog satisfied eyes and ears and that`s good for the brain, heart and soul

  5. Oh for days gone by eh ? By the way Neil, I don't see the fans as "twats" (my best mate Fat Steve is a Rag lol) - just the team & club.

  6. great stuff mate, when you could pay on the day!City had a great team then money did'nt matter, Leeds found out the hard way you can't buy success! any chance of a clip of Man city v leeds from 70's ps. what a cup draw bring on them gooners!last season was best day ever when we beat that lot from ta other side!

  7. Total sympathy on been a City fan especially as across the city United are winning nearly everything in sight. All that money and all those players don't add up to success unlike with some of the other teams.
    Footballers today compared to those of yester year are real namby-pamby spoilt babies, have ruined to game to a point and the money these players are NOT worth is amazing.
    No team will ever win a competition with 11 + players from the same area, money and the desperate need for success will see to that. Still nice to see footballers from a bygone era who played for the love of the game, in all weathers and conditions for a few bob a week and a haltime fag and pint.
    Oh the good auld days.