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Monday, 26 April 2010

Fuck the BNP

  This evening saw a party Political Broadcast broadcast on British TV, on behalf of the BNP. (British National Party).
  (For the benefit of overseas' visitors to the blog, this is an insiduous political organisation that preaches racial hatred & intolerance).
  I realise that the UK / Great Britain is a democracy and that all groups and citizens enjoy the right to freedom of speech. This is largely due today to the unilateral stance that the UK took over the rise of Nazi Germany - my own Grandfather volunteered for the British Army in 1939 as he was a committed socialist and abhorred facism. In some ways, it is good that the BNP can broadcast its racist bullshit, as it shows them up for what they are and allows their members to inadvertently ridicule themselves.
  However, they already have a seat on the Greater London Assembly, and also in the European parliament.

  May 6th will see Local and General Elections in the UK - I urge everyone to use their vote and not fall into the trap of apathy... "I can't be arsed to vote..." ; "What's the point ?" etc - this is how fascist scum like the BNP gradually gain power and influence.

  It may surprise people to learn that ordinary people died in Victorian Britain over the struggle to be granted the right to Vote, and that women did not enjoy this right until the 1920s.

  Use your vote and keep this evil organisation where it belongs - in the wilderness.


  1. Well said. You have my vote!

  2. Thanks. I think the main issues are that : (a) People who don't exercise their right to vote have no subsequent right to complain & (b) Apathy leads to scum like the BNP "sneaking through the back door".

  3. I'm with you, in Spain things are going the same way you say your in england.
    the right-politics (PP) suggest that crime, vandalism ... are the result of foreign.
    in this time of crisis, where the herd was confused,is a good time to leave the wolf with his tricks for his own benefit.in this country is legal "falange" murderers of the Franco era.youth today has it all. it is easy to manipulate if it is being informed.
    therefore, do not be fooled and never forget where evil.go to the music,go to rights!!

  4. I was looking for a post on youtube which follows the BNP around. One of them has a Grandchild who's boyfriend was from a mixed race relationship and when the reporter points this out the BNP supporter is "really ? he's from a nice family his dads a manager are you sure he's black?" It's feckin hilarious and shows how stupid and ignorant this kind of person really is.

  5. Exactly. Yet it frightens me how there is still support for this type of organisation. My own kids are mixed race & I fear for them...

  6. Totally agree with you - fuck Baron Greenback and his evil cohorts - fuck them all.

  7. Just completed my postal vote forms this morning. I am sorry to say that one of the twats is standing for Parliament in this area (Wythenshawe & Sale East). Thank fuck we live in a democracy, so let's all exercise our democratic rights to ensure this lot never gain another seat.

  8. Could not have put it better - the BNP are vile.
    To have litrature with a banner saying they will bring our boys back from war and a picture of churchill just shows how thick they are!

  9. The Churchill imagery got to me greatly. In 1939 the UK stood alone against the Nazis - the psychopaths who maintained the same ideology that the BNP now have. I bet my Grandad is turning in his grave. This shower seem to forget the Commonwealth soldiers who stood alongside the British - Indians, Africans, West Indians, plus Gurkhas etc.

  10. I too am an old 2toner and punkskinpsycho DJ. My dad was born in moss side in 1919 so I guess he was called up, I saw his medals but he never spoke of it. His brother died fighting the Nazis. My mam was german, they married in 52 and popped 1st sprog in 67... Her dad was a commie!! Yeah in WW11 nazi germany. He was over 6ft and "escaped" war by being a coalminer. He objected to my mam being forced in to hitler youth so they arrested him. But he survived. I agree with freedom of speech but I think the British Nobhead Party should stay the fook away from me and my lovely Jamaican 45s.... Good for you dude, sashame not all skins understands wots right.
    Just DJ'd with Adicts tonite, Voodoo Bones tomoz, then Discharge on Saturday... Vive La Revolution BUT UNTIL THEN GO VOTE (preferably against the fascists and tories)

  11. Well the election fervour has died down & I'm delighted to see that the scum took a kicking @ the ballot. (Just like their predecessors, the National Front, did in 1979). In Barking & Dagenham the wankers lost all 12 local councillors.

    Maybe the average UK "man in the street" retains a conscience, a brain & a belief after all.