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Sunday, 30 December 2012

THE RUTS DC & KEVIN COYNE : Sanity Stomp (1980)

Dave Sez does it again !! Had major hassles with my other e-mail account, hence the late appearance of this gem (Dec 27th). Thought I'd save it just a couple of more days to constitute my Birthday post (though I'll be at work in the PM. Shite !!)

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Kevin Coyne & Ruts DC
Sanity Stomp (1980)
mp3 @ 320

And in these chilly times, there's nothing like some ultra-rare Ruts DC to warm the cockles of your heart! After Malcolm Owen's death, the Ruts DC continued work on their own compositions whilst playing as backing band for Laurel Aitken's Peel session and this long-deleted power pop album by Kevin Coyne which includes a version of one Ruts DC song, Formula Eyes. This post is specially dedicated to skamanc for keeping his wonderful site skamanchackett.blogspot.com up for us all to enjoy. Thanks to the great poor for posting this, and Christmas cheer to you all, Dave Sez.

01. Fat Man 2:30
02. The Monkey Man 3:04
03. How Strange 2:32
04. Somewhere In My Mind 3:25
05. When (See You Again?) 2:32
06. Taking On The World 3:11
07. No Romance 4:00
08. Too Dark (One For The Hero) 2:45
09. Admit You're Wrong 3:55
10. Formula Eyes 2:09

Kevin Coyne (vocals)
Paul Fox (guitar)
Segs (bass)
Dave Duffy (drums)
Gary Barnacle (sax)
Paul Wickens (keyboards)

Produced by Paul Wickens at Berry Street Studios (engineered by David Hunt).
Double LP (only LP1 included the Ruts DC) first released Nov 1980.
CD release 1991, out of print since 1993, not commercially available.



  1. DAVE SEZ - employee of the year !!!

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  2. Thanks Herr Pauli for all your support of skamanc and indeed of myself - but ;-) actually "self-employed of the year" like skamanc is going to be, so let's wish him all the best with that, and you'll find a couple of extra New Year presents in the comments here:


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  3. cheers dave and skamanc for this gem,happy new year lads!

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