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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

SOFT MACHINE : Roundhouse 7/2/71

Good quality recording from the Roundhouse, Feb 1971, with a great tracklisting.. This has been due for posting for a while now, though I've just converted it to MP3 and got round to sorting out a new Sharecode.

This again features the Hopper, Wyatt, Ratledge & Dean quintet.

Published / posted in conjunction with sister blog "Hugh Hopper's Fender Jazz".

Converted via media.io/ & boxoft flac - mp3 freeware. Very useful...

Fur Holger...

1 comment:

  1. thanx mein freund.

    i say it again and again: soft machine is an amazing band-wonderful musicans.

    you gave SF a great platform.in the whole www you cant find these material.
    hope more and more people visit the hugh hopper site.

    all the best my friend
    yours Herr Pauli