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Manchester M22, September 2016

For my kids, Dylan & Tommy. Bollocks to the ex Mrs!

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Thursday, 29 December 2011

THE SPECIALS : Brixton Academy, 31/10/11

From Brixton to Manchester via North Carolina...

The usual huge thanks & respect to the lovely Cheryl for sharing this...

Be sure to leave her a comment or two please.

PS I've noticed that no one has thanked Geoff for Deaf School despite the volume of downloads.... freeloading wankers.

A New Year can be a new start- why should people like Cheryl, Geoff & even myself bother...??

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This will be a joint Birthday / New Year's Eve / Day post & is highly likely to be the last one of 2011.....

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  1. Big thanks as always i was at this gig and its a great reminder thanks again

  2. Thank You Very Much For This Show Skamanc.
    Wish You & Your Beloved Ones A Happy New Year !!!

  3. Thanks very much for this show Cheryl and Skamanc, greatly appreciated

  4. Thanks a lot Mate and thank You Cheryl for sharing this always apreciated here

  5. "freeloading wankers" a great discription !!!!
    Would it be possible ...? internet or bloggin without skamanc,cheryl,geoff,rodd and all the others ?
    a comment and a "thank u" is very easy !!!!
    THANX mate for your great work and your amazing blog.AND Do not worry-the gang is behind you ;-)

    today december 30. :
    "May God bless and keep you always
    May your wishes all come true
    May you always do for others
    And let others do for you....
    May you stay forever young..."
    all the best your`s Herr Pauli-dein freund aus deutschland

  6. Thanx to Cheryl for this, and cheers skamanc for all your hard work and posts through the year

  7. Many thanks Cheryl and Skamanhackett.

  8. Thanx Cheryl and Skamanc.Happy New Year

  9. Many, many thanks for this, I was at this gig and was thinking that the excitement and atmosphere of the night was what made me think that I had never heard The Specials play so well. This confirms that I was wrong, they were f*****g brilliant... thanks again.

  10. Cheers old bean.happy new year despite being a blue!and thanks to Cheryl for the cd.great stuff! Gobshyte

  11. er.......when i click the link i just get taken to a rapidshare page wanting me to buy rs pro.am i blind?please help an old and confused specials fan!


  12. thanks for the share, and a happy new yare!

    gobshyte - hit the green button in the middle ;)

  13. Thanks guys.. know how you feel, normal leechers on my site too =( .. just thinking of a way around the matter =/

    Thanks again ..
    Crasher =)

  14. Hi! Great blog, glad that I found it. Happy 2012! Tom

  15. thanks anonymous for your technical assistance!!

  16. Thanks very much for the Brixton gig