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Friday, 16 September 2011


Repost as promised... For Exeter, Martin,
Pauli, Chris Gerrard & all Stones fans...

If, like me, you rate "Beggar's Banquet" as the finest Stones album, then you need to check out this collection of out-takes...

1. Sympathy for the Devil – 6:23
* Keith Richards on bass; Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman, Marianne Faithfull, Anita Pallenberg
and Jimmy Miller on backing vocals; Rocky Dijon, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts on percussion
2. No Expectations – 4:00
* Brian Jones on slide guitar, Nicky Hopkins on piano
3. Dear Doctor – 3:26
* Brian Jones on harmonica
4. Parachute Woman – 2:22
* Mick Jagger on harmonica
5. Jigsaw Puzzle" – 6:18
* Nicky Hopkins on piano, Keith Richards on acoustic guitar and electric slide guitar, Brian Jones on mellotron,
6. Street Fighting Man – 3:17
* Dave Mason on shehani, Keith Richards on bass, Brian Jones on sitar and tambura
7. Prodigal Son (Rev. Robert Wilkins) – 2:55
* Brian Jones on harmonica
8. Stray Cat Blues – 4:38
* Brian Jones on Mellotron
9. Factory Girl – 2:09
* Ric Grech on fiddle, Dave Mason on Mellotron using the mandolin sound
10. Salt of the Earth – 4:52
* First verse sung by Keith Richards.
11. Jumpin' Jack Flash - 3:37 - Single Version
* Keith Richards on bass, floor tom, acoustic and electric guitar. Mick Jagger on maracas, Brian Jones on electric guitar,
Bill Wyman on organ, Nicky Hopkins on piano, & Jimmy Miller on backing vocals.
12. Family – 4:15 - Acoustic Version - May-June 1968
* Nicky Hopkins on piano, Jimmy Miller on percussion
13. Sister Morphine - 5:40 - May 13, 1968
* Mick Jagger on Lead Vocals
14. Natural Magic - 1:38 - Single Version / Nov. 1968
* Ryland Cooder on Slide Guitar, Keith Richards on Bass
15. Memo From Turner – 4:06 Single Version /. Nov.1968
* Al Kooper on guitar
16. No Expectations – 3:54 - Single Version
* Brian Jones on slide guitar, Nicky Hopkins on piano
17. Street Fighting Man – 3:07 - Single Version
* Dave Mason on shehani, Keith Richards on bass, Brian Jones on sitar and tambura
18. Dear Doctor - 3:28 - Take One
* Early Version
19. Family - 3:43 - Electric Version - May-June 1968
20. Sister Morphine - 5:29 - May 1969
* Marianne Faithful on Lead Vocals, Mick Jagger on acoustic guitar, Charlie Watts on drums, Ry Cooder on slide,
and Jack Nitzsche, the producer, on piano. May-June 1969.

1968 Studio Personnel;
* Mick Jagger – vocals, backing vocals, harmonica
* Keith Richards – acoustic and electric guitar, bass, vocals
* Brian Jones – acoustic slide guitar, backing vocals, sitar, tamboura, mellotron, harmonica
* Charlie Watts – drums, percussion
* Bill Wyman – bass, backing vocals, percussion, organ
* Rocky Dijon – congas
* Ric Grech – fiddle
* Nicky Hopkins – piano
* Dave Mason – mellotron, shehnai
* Jimmy Miller – producer and backing vocals
* Marianne Faithfull - backing vocals
* Anita Pallenberg - backing vocals
* Watts Street Gospel Choir – backing vocals


  1. "take me to the station and put me on a train..."

    first of all thanx mein freund for todays post.

    beggars banquet is on of these records you never forget.one of my all time stones favourite record.
    let it bleed / exile on main street - amazing records.WOW a great band.

    and the stones today: mega-monster-million dollar-stadium concert`s.an merchandising imperium........
    "it`s only rock`n roll`"

    all the best- thanx again
    your`s pauli

  2. Danke mein fruend. We can always count on Herr Pauli for an appropriate, heartfelt comment.

    As for the rest of you ungrateful feckers... 40 downloads @ the time of writing & no other comments ?

  3. thanks buddy - long time listener, first time caller from New Zealand...
    excellent blog! good tunes...

  4. Shit..... I have so many Stones boots,but this is one I don't. That's what makes this site so great

  5. Many thanks Jobe... Fee free to share some of your Stones stuff with us... Brian Jones era particularly welcome mate!!