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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Spare A Thought For The Poor Blogger...

Well, the Bank Holiday is behind us, and what a shitey one I had. Dragged round a Car Boot Sale @ the crack of dawn, followed by a day of dropping and picking up my boisterous offspring, interspersed by several hours spent underneath a Vauxhall Corsa and Ford Scorpio.

Shredded nerves and knuckles (aux / drive belt replacement on a big Ford - DON'T try this @ home !!) is only half the story. Spent the evening trying to get pleasantly pissed and updating some blog stuff rready to be posted....

Via Rapidshare it came to my attention that certain posts I have blogged have attracted numerous visitors and several hundred downloads, wiothout a single comment on the post or message in the C-Box. I don't wish to harp on, but how long does it take to submit a quick comment or message ?

This, in the bloggers' fraternity, is termed leeching - ie copping a great music file without leaving any thanks for the blogger & / or original bootlegger or source. Personally, I always leave a comment & / or thanks when downloading - common courtesy really.

Here, I'd like to make it clear that many visitors to the blog regularly leave feedback etc, so please don't take offence.

It's not only me - Sonchey (Life In Monochrome), Gobshyte (Mondo de Meubles), Bud (Staring At The Rude Boys), plus Stav & many more serial bloggers are victims of such leeching.

I enjoy blogging greatly, though @ the end of the day its really only a hobby - I have other sidelines, including sorting out motors, football, seeing my mates and even the wife & kids (sometimes), plus I'm about to start a college course, as I've mentioned a few days ago.

Basically, I can easily jack this in & not miss a single minute in a hectic schedule...

Also, to the fucker who keeps e-mailing me to deride my choice of sounds - fuck off & do your own blog dickhead !! Why keep logging on to a blog you dislike & then moan ?? If there's stuff you'd rather see posted then send me a sharecode / cd/ tape...

Basically, I want to see a comment on every post else I reckon I'm wasting my time.


  1. I can't believe some prick would have the nerve to complain about what you do. I would have given a fucking molar to have had some of the Jam stuff alone back in the day. If I've never said it (and I might not have, though I've meant to) THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. Thanks for that. Yeah, the prick (he / she knows who they are) have got a bleedin' brass neck for sure.

  3. Skamanchackett is an absolute treasure trove - it's always the first bootleg blog I check out and would be a terrible loss if you were to abandon ship. I'll be making sure to post a TY after every single DL and hope that Skamanc's many other fans will do the same - really no excuse not to folks - it's not that much to ask.

  4. Post up the email account they're using and we'll all send him a big F**k Off on your behalf :)

  5. I sent a reasoned yet highly abusive reply but it was returned by the mail demon...

  6. I agree what a twat,you are appreciated mate best blog out there , you have posted some right treasures, at the end of the day you don't have too do it we all got a life, but you obviously enjoy giving music too the people TOPMAN

  7. hi i have had a couple of downloads of your site there great and there is a good selection of groups on here thanks for all the hard work really liked the jam ones brought back some good times from when i was a kid thanks again bill